Lightroom Black And White Presets: Slate & Ivory by Jennifer Moher

Lightroom Black And White Presets: Slate & Ivory by Jennifer Moher

Do you love to edit photos in black and white, but at the same time you are struggling to find THE right look for your images? Do you find it hard to preserve the vibes and emotions you’ve witnessed during a couples photoshoot or wedding day in your pictures? That’s the reason why we want to present you the awesome work of Jennifer Moher from Canada. She is a storytelling-photographer, who is one of the best when it comes to capturing the love and emotions between human beings. Additional to this, she created a stunning set of black and white presets for Lightroom called Slate & Ivory. This preset set gives you the whole black and white-magic to unleash it on your amazing work.

Jennifer Moher about her “style” to shoot a wedding: 

…The feel of the photos will directly relate to the energy of the day, if your day is full of laughter and silliness – it will totally shine through in the images, just like if the day is quiet, intimate and gentle – the photos will encompass this vibe.



Slate & Ivory by Jennifer Moher – Get the Lightroom black and white presets here!



The end – What else do you need to know?

Get the Slate & Ivory preset set by Jennifer Moher

In case you will need help to install the presets, check out our Tutorial on How to install Lightroom Presets!

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Furthermore, don’t forget to check out Jennifer’s Social Media channel:


So, we hope you liked this small collection of photos to showcase you these amazing lightroom black and white presets.
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Lightroom Black And White Presets: Slate & Ivory by Jennifer Moher

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