An Intimate And Lovely Wedding At The Cliffside Of Malibu

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Malibu Wedding

Malibu Wedding // We’re back in California! This time we’re sharing an intimate wedding by Erica Steward from SoCal Standard. Enjoy!

Erica Steward: “Matt and Eleanor have a tremendous love the outdoors. For them, being in nature, hearing the natural sounds, and being surrounded by the elements is therapeutic for them. So having a wedding that was in the midst of nature was very important to them. Matt use to work at Gindling once upon a time. With permission from camp comrades, his happy place became the foundation for the most perfect, intimate, and tranquil wedding location to share with their family. There is no such things as friends to Matt + El, just family.

We loved their heart about the community they’ve created. Every person at the wedding wasn’t just a guest, they were an important part of their story. Family that shaped them. Friends who became family and encouraged them. Relationships that challenged them into asking the important questions and valuing life at a level of continuous peace. It was beautiful.

Every piece of their wedding was intentional. From the nontraditional coordination of bridesmaid and groomsmen attire, to the handmade maps El made, to having speeches and words of love spoken over them during their ceremony. The wedding was the perfect compilation and collaboration of love that painted the most accurate image of their love story. The mother of the bride had been collecting jars and miscellaneous items for centerpieces for the past year. The flowers were hand picked and sourced from local markets. The groom’s cufflinks were handed down to him by each of his grandfathers. Their wedding bands were custom made by a friend of theirs. Every detail at this wedding, was made with intention and with love. And they wouldn’t have had it any other way.”



An Intimate And Lovely Wedding At The Cliffside Of Malibu

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An Intimate And Lovely Wedding At The Cliffside Of Malibu

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An Intimate And Lovely Wedding At The Cliffside Of Malibu

The Vendors:

venue : Gindling Hilltop Camp
cake: Bitten Bakes
dress: BHLDN
bride’s reception kimono: Samantha Romero
groom’s shoes: ALDO
custom rings: Young Sun Song


An Intimate And Lovely Wedding At The Cliffside Of Malibu


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Malibu Wedding by SoCal Standard