A Beautiful And Emotional Wedding At The Tucson Country Club

Tucson Country Club Wedding

Tucson Country Club Wedding // It’s time to make a stop in Arizona. Timothy Eyrich, a LLF Pro member, and Wedding Photographer Tucscon has photographed this beautiful wedding of Hannah and Tyler.

Timothy Eyrich: “You could feel the love these two have for each other all day and in everything they did. The small little glances and the big joyful laughs were present the moment Tyler saw Hannah walking down the aisle in her Miela dress by Maggie Soterro. His smile never left his face for the rest of the day. They could not have chosen a better location to come together as husband and wife. Cindy at Tucson Country Club had the grove looking magical. In Full Bloom did a great job with the flowers on the tables, as well as Hannah’s bouquet. The trees were covered in lights and homemade fairy jars were hanging from the trees. As a result, their reception was romantic and whimsical.”



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Tucson Country Club Wedding by Timothy Eyrich

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