The Most Fascinating & Unique Independence Day Images Ever

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Independence Day Images

We collected the most creative & unique Independence Day Images within our community. A stunning collection to illustrate the atmosphere that is present on July 4th.  All of these Independence Day images have been submitted by our photographers in our LOOKSLIKEFILM Facebook group. Make sure to join it if you are into photography or videography for the opportunity to be featured in the future.


Is there anything cuter than two little baby ducklings next to a tiny flag of our country? This has to be one of the most adorable animal pictures for the 4th of july ever.

Two baby ducklings next to a tiny US flag

Andrea Snyder Martin –


These best friends are certainly having a blast this Independence Day. Make sure to check out our Smoke Bomb Photos if you want to see some more Smoke Bomb Images.

Independence Day Images

Baylee Wall –


A different kind of bridal portrait but certainly a cool Independence Day image for anyone that is proud of our colors.

A bride covered in the US flag

Callie Travels –


The red, white and blue surely looks stunnning on maternity photography as well.

A pregnant woman wrapped tight with the US flag

Charlett Lee –


We do love this independence day image in particular as it is unscripted and just a snap shot of a stranger.

Independence Day Images

Corey Lynn Tucker –


What better way to wave our flag than during an epic sunset.

A small kid waving the US flag on a field at sunset

Cynthia Dawson –


Trying to get a good shot underwater is very hard. Make sure to check out our underwater photography post if you want to know more about it. Erin Mysers certainly did a fantastic job here.

The Most Fascinating & Unique Independence Day Images Ever

Erin Myers –


What is better than one flag in our Independece Day images collection? Damn right, it’s two flags to celebrate the 4th of july.

The Most Fascinating & Unique Independence Day Images Ever

Julie Godbolt –


The entire mood of this 4th of july photo is just magical. Check out our Best of Kids Photography feature for more of this.

The Most Fascinating & Unique Independence Day Images Ever

Kelly Marie Szabo –


The best way to end Independence Day is with a firework. We can surely agree on that.

Indenependence Day Images

Lauren Duncan –


Photos mean more than a thousand words but even a thousand words can not describe all of the feelings here.

A woman is hugging her soldier that just came back from duty

Lindsey Daniels –


Coming home and seeing your kids again is one of the greatest feelings ever for a father. Check out this stunning Independence Day image for example.

Dad is seeing his son again on Independence Day

Mariela Toro-Vazquez –


We are in love with this unique portrait from Mike Ferreira.

A cool portrait of a teenager next to a us flag on a wall

Mike Ferreira –


Thank you for your sacrifice, your bravery, and the example you set for us all.

a star spangled banner next to a grave

Olivia McKelvey –


Although someone forgot to paint the stars, this image totally kicks ass.

Small girls standing in front of a large US Flag printed wall on Independence Day

Sara Wroblewski –


Looks like she is having a blast this 4th of july

The Most Fascinating & Unique Independence Day Images Ever

Steph Pate –


The light, the movement, the edit, everything about this independence day image is awesome.

a 4th of July photo with a kid dancing at sunset with the US flag

Susannah Bothe –



The Most Fascinating & Unique Independence Day Images Ever


Independence Day Images

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