The Most Artistic And Beautiful Dance Photos

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Dance Photography – The Most Artistic And Beautiful Photos

Dance Photography // Today we have a really amazing thing to share with you. It is a collaboration of three talented artists from the Netherlands. Naomi van der Kraan and Renske Meinema are the photographers and Aniek of Liefste dag is the videographer, who created this creative piece of art. It is a beautiful story about Josh and Shu and their passion & love for dancing. We can’t wait to hear more about this photoshoot – let’s go!

Text by Renske Meinema:

A while ago my lovely husband took me to the theater to see a dance performance. Which was great, because I just love dancing (not myself, but to watch). It was one of the best surprises he could have given me. While seated, two people entered the stage and started dancing. And by that, I mean not just dancing, but dancing enchantingly beautiful. I was mesmerized by these two souls floating across the stage.

The only thing I could think while watching them: I HAVE to photograph them. So after a search on Instagram and a message, Shu & Josh were also excited to make something beautiful together! I was so thrilled! A photoshoot with two professional dancers was already on my bucket list for years, and I finally got to do it! So I teamed up with my dear friends and talented colleagues Aniek & Naomi to create art and ended up in an old cheese factory. I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed this shoot.

The location

We choose a location that was raw and minimalistic. We wanted to create something that combined the beauty and elegance of the dancing with a raw environment. Making it a combination of raw and elegant, old and new, movement and minimalistic lines. That way we tried to emphasize the emotion we felt with the dancing. While we were shooting, we put on some music and let Josh and Shu improvise. The strength of their bodies, the way they worked together as it is almost effortless and the elegance in which they were moving: we just could not stop watching and photographing and filming this talented dancing couple!

Amazing that by combining different kinds of artistic talents into one shoot, we were able to create a piece of art. An experience we will all never forget.


The dance of Josh & Shu


The Most Artistic And Beautiful Dance Photos

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Dance Photography – The artists

Renske Meinema – Photographer

The Most Artistic And Beautiful Dance Photos


Naomi van der Kraan – Photographer

The Most Artistic And Beautiful Dance Photos


Aniek of Liefste dag – Videographer

The Most Artistic And Beautiful Dance Photos


Josh and Shu – Dancers

The Most Artistic And Beautiful Dance Photos

The Most Artistic And Beautiful Dance Photos


The end – What else do you need to know?

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Dance Photography

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