10 Reasons To Switch To Pic-Time

10 reasons to switch to Pic-Time

Have you discovered Pic-Time yet? It’s a beautiful online gallery platform for image delivery with a custom client store, and it includes a whole bunch of amazing features that you just won’t find elsewhere. We thought we’d share some of our favorites with you today, and we asked some of the LOOKSLIKEFILM community to tell us what they love about Pic-Time too!

1. Storytelling

Your galleries are more than just a collection of work; each one is a unique story. Pic-Time galleries allow photographers to enlarge landscape images to help emphasize the important moments.

I love the way I can give a bigger focus on images that should create an impact. The first impression is always the most important one and I am super happy that I have the ability to change the way my couples see their wedding images for the first time. The best images should be seen as big as possible and it is super easy for me to tell a story within the gallery like this”
Lukas Piatek

2. Video integration

You can seamlessly add video content from SmartSlides, YouTube, Vimeo or Animoto into your Pic-Time Galleries. Videos bring another dimension to the art of storytelling and create better engagement with your gallery. Your clients can access all of their precious memories in one place, so they can relive them to the fullest.

Being able to embed videos into PicTime was a game changer for me. I really love that the first experience my clients receive of their wedding is a slideshow of favorite images put to music. This creates a much more meaningful way for them to experience the story of their wedding day. I use to send my clients their slideshows as a Vimeo link (not pretty) or create a page within my website and embed there (tedious!). Now I simply embed it directly into the Pic-Time gallery. It’s incredibly easy, it looks amazing and all their family and friends can enjoy it as well.
Catalina Jean

3. A variety of products and labs

It’s well known that The Pic-Time store is a world away from other gallery solutions. A beautiful curated store is connected to each gallery, and product previews are populated with the photos your client engages with most. Clients can create beautiful products using photos straight from the galleries. Photographers set their own pricing and select products from Pic-Time’s partner labs or add their own self-fulfilled products.

There are a lot of reasons why I love Pic-Time, but the main reason is definitely the variety of products offered in the store! For people like me that are always traveling, editing, and shooting Pic-Time saves me so much time. The whole process is streamlined for the client! My favorite part is the variety of products. There are beautiful albums, prints, calendars, and even thank you cards!
Jacob Loafman

4. Multiple stores in location

Pic-Time has partner print labs all around the world. Their labs are curated, providing beautiful, bespoke products and consistent quality standards. If you work across different destinations, you can create multiple unique stores to provide local printed goods to your clients.

I photograph couples from around the world, so to help boost my product sales, I have setup multiple stores within pic-time so my clients can order from a lab local to them, helping to keep their shipping costs low. This has helped boost my sales as it’s made the price point for products far more affordable. Each time I have a new couple from a different part of the world, I see if there is a lab in their country, if not I assign their gallery to the closest one. With shorter shipping times, I find this be particularly useful during the Christmas sale I ran as it helped people get a lot of last minute presets for their loved ones!
Samm Blake

5. Marketing

If the store is your car, then Pic-Time’s marketing tools are the wheels that drive it! Their interactive Marketing Platform offers targeted email campaigns using email data collected within the system. The system includes a variety of visuals for campaigns, gallery banners to support the promo and the ability to schedule your campaigns. A new marketing automation tool will be added with the next update.

The marketing functionalities are game changer! Using coupons (particularly the anniversary, birthday, and christmas coupons!) have been an incredible way for me to create passive income from my clients for literally years after I’m done shooting their wedding. I love the automation of these, being able to track sales, and of course the client’s experience. It’s so easy for the client to order all of their prints and albums without me ever being involved which is a dream come true for photographers!
India Earl

6. Albums

Pic-Time’s unique approach means more ways to sell albums. Your clients can design their own album right inside the platform, or you can handle the design process for them. Using a smart algorithm, the system will offer your client an album populated with their images, and then, they can edit and make their own adjustments.  While you’re drinking your morning coffee, your clients can design and order their album!

Pic-Time truly has far exceeded my expectations of what an online gallery platform should be. One of my favorite features, that I didn’t even know how badly I needed, is the self-explanatory and encouraging elements for album sales from your client. Organizing and selling albums is almost a job on its own. Pic-Time basically takes over the entire task for you by allowing your client to view an auto-generated preview of how their album could look, and allows the client to put it all together themselves right within the platform. I LOVE knowing that I can be sleeping soundly, while my clients have access to creating their entire album layout and ordering on their own while I get to enjoy the results!
Chantel Marie

7. Built-in jpeg optimization

With Pic-Time there’s no need to pay for external software to optimize your JPEGs, as they’ll do it for you automatically on upload. This means faster downloads for your clients! You can also integrate this into your own workflow by selecting your favorites within your gallery then downloading web-resolution versions for use on your blog and social media!

I absolutely love Pic-Time, It’s by far the best platform I’ve ever used for sharing & delivering my client galleries. I love how they don’t stand still, they are always thinking of the little details that help us as photographers. Take the JPEG optimisation for example…faster gallery uploads & less storage space on our account (always a win) but still maintaining the top notch gallery resolution without having to use a 3rd party application.
Chris Parkinson


8. Branding – visual experience

Pic-Time offers the most beautiful way to present your work. Their simple and coherent platform is designed to be easily customizable and includes a myriad of ways you can align your galleries with your brand. Each gallery includes custom layouts and covers, and the portfolio page includes customizable fonts and colors. Your logo also appears across all parts of the system, for a seamless brand experience.

A minimal, simple and timeless style is an important part of my brand and Pic Time shares the same values. They pay careful attention to aesthetics like spacing, layouts and fonts. The end result is just beautiful!
Nicole Mason

9. Support service

Pic-Time offers a full support service with live chat for both you and your clients, so you can ask them anything, at any time. They also have an engaged Facebook group where their community can discuss features and ideas while influencing the development of the Pic-Time workspace!

Pic-Time’s support service has to be a key feature for me! Pic-Time is really very intuitive and easy to use, for the likes of me who is terrible at all things computers, yikes! The team hanging out in the chat bubble blow me away with their professionalism, knowledge and friendliness. Thanks team!
– Vicky from
Pollard We Are

10. Analytics

Knowledge is power and having up to date information about your visitors right within your dashboard enables you to understand visitor behavior and plan future campaigns. Not only do you have analytics inbuilt, but you can also connect to Google Analytics and track your Pic-Time stats alongside web analytics right in your Google dashboard.

The main goal we have for our business is consistency in the experience we provide, from the moment our couples hear about us to the moment they receive their galleries. Like many, we find that connecting with and understanding our clients hovers near the pinnacle of a successful business. This is why we find Pic-Time Analytics, including integration with Google Analytics so helpful! We have the ability to understand how our clients engage with our galleries and we can identify patterns of navigation for points in time, like when we sent our couples their gallery when they share with friends and family, and how vendors and bloggers interact with our images. This allows us to collect data so we can present our galleries in more thoughtful ways to our clients as well as others. Not only that, but we are able to see the path our clients are taking from their gallery to sales conversion, resulting in them turning their online stories into tangible ones with products we trust. All in all, this knowledge is incredibly valuable and we are so thankful for the ability to serve our couples better through this amazing integration.
Rosy Red Photography

What else do you need to know?

It’s 3 years since Pic-Time’s launch, and they’re celebrating with a special offer! For the next two weeks, through May 7th they are offering 15% off any paid yearly plan for new and current members!!  That means unlimited storage and all of their amazing features for just $29 per month. Sign up here:  Pic-Time.com/LooksLikeFilm


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  1. Justyna Butler

    I am blown away by PIC-TIme galleries! Just switched and I believe it is going to be a life changing experience for my business for sure!

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