15 Delicious Wedding Cake Inspirations for 2019

Wedding Cake Inspiration For Your Wedding – Our Top 15

Wedding Cake // Today, we are going to talk about an important topic. The wedding cake. Nearly everyone loves cake. Hence, you definitely want to have a tasty one at your wedding. So you will have to choose from multiple options like almond cream, chocolate, vanilla, and much more varieties. In the end, the most satisfying thing to see will be, how people devour your cake.

Taste isn’t everything about a wedding cake…

But the taste of the cake is not the only thing you will think about. It is granted that you want your wedding cake to look great. This sweet treat must fit into your individual wedding style. Therefore, you will try to find a sort of cake that combines both aspects — namely, a beautiful and tasty-looking cake, where the guests can’t wait to try a bite. And to see smiling faces all over the place, when you and your guests enjoy eating this delicious cake.

So, take a look at these sweet gems to find some inspiration for your wedding.

Alex Villar – www.alexvillarphotography.com


Wedding Cake

Alexa Marquis – www.oakwoodphotovideo.com 


Wedding Cake

Annaleisa Friednash – www.merakiweddings.com


Wedding Cake

Baylee Wall – www.bayleedennis.com


Cori Grace Baik – www.coristoryphotography.com


Esteban Gil – www.egilphoto.com


Hanna Walkowaik – www.hannawalkowaik.com 



After that, let’s get back to the wedding cake inspiration.


Wedding Cake

Kat Donovan – www.katdonovan.com


Wedding Cake

Kayla Law – www.kaylanicolephotos.com


Wedding Cake

Kylie Farmer – www.kyliefarmer.com


Leighanne Sturgis – www.bradleyproductions.com



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Wedding Cake

Martina Skrobot – www.martinaskrobot.com


Miguel Goncalves – www.lapelaphotography.com


Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Stephanie Rogers – www.stephanierogersphotography.com



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