Moody & Intimate Beach Wedding in Florida

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Jupiter Beach Resort Wedding

We are back at the beach again. Krystal Capone photographed this stunning Jupiter Beach Resort wedding of Kristen and Lee.

Krystal Capone: “I’ve known Kristen (known as KK back when we were kids) and Lee since my early teen years. They were each others first loves, and it was always something that everyone adored and wanted- he was the stud football player, and she was the hot cheerleader… storybook romance! College came, and they parted ways but they say what’s meant to be will always find a way. After college and as adults in this world, fate stepped in, and they found each other again, quickly rekindled their romance, and it was just like nothing ever changed. It didn’t take long for them to realize they never wanted to be with anyone else.”

Time to tie the knot in Florida…

“I was talking to Kristen’s mom during the reception, and she said: “everyone in their lives agrees that they just have this light and spark about them again like it was missing when they weren’t in each others lives.” This was one of the most special weddings I’ve shot because I love these two dearly. A huge part of my teen years was hanging out with them as a couple; I’m not kidding when I say some of my favorite memories involved these two.”

…and to have the best High School reunion ever!

“So to see them together now in a completely different stage of life, so full of childhood love they always had for each other truly makes my heart skip a beat. It was an honor that they chose me to be their third wheel for the day; every detail of this Jupiter Beach Resort wedding completely embodied who they are together. And what a reception!! Like the best high school reunion you’ve ever been to, it was full of laughter, happiness and a huge celebration of what everyone’s been rooting for years! From first loves to last loves, I couldn’t be happier for their forever love.”



Moody & Intimate Beach Wedding in Florida

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Moody & Intimate Beach Wedding in Florida

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Moody & Intimate Beach Wedding in Florida

Moody & Intimate Beach Wedding in Florida

Moody & Intimate Beach Wedding in Florida

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Jupiter Beach Resort wedding by Krystal Capone