Wonderful Ranch Wedding in Montana

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Montana Wedding

We are heading to the north of the U.S. today.  Dan Thorson photographed a lovely couple, and we love to share this beautiful Montana wedding with all of you.

Dan Thorson: “There are still parts of these great United States that I’ve yet to see. There’s such a timelessness that comes with traveling to the great plains, maybe it’s the air, the mountains, or the people — but everything about it is just bittersweet. When I first spoke with Jodi & Brandon, I wasn’t certain WHERE White Sulphur Springs was, nor how far it was (about 14 hours from Sioux Falls) so I knew that it would be one of longest treks so far in my career, but I knew there was something magical about this wedding and was I ever surprised.”

Lovebirds getting married on the Sky Ranch

“Jodi & Brandon are two very sweet & kind people with amazing personalities! The chemistry between these two is that of unconditional and spontaneous with a bit of goofiness. Despite rain and a bit on the cold side (talking about 45 degrees, and I forgot to pack my jacket) it was still an amazing day.”


Wonderful Ranch Wedding in Montana

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Wonderful Ranch Wedding in Montana

Upcoming next: The newlyweds’ photos and the epic party at the Sky Ranch.


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Wonderful Ranch Wedding in Montana

Wonderful Ranch Wedding in Montana

Wonderful Ranch Wedding in Montana

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Montana wedding by Dan Thorson