The Real & Inspiring Love Between Alba & Maria

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Intimate Love Session in Barcelona

Today, we found a beautiful submission in our email inbox. Munich-based photographer Josée Lamarre sent us an intimate love session, which she photographed in Barcelona a few weeks ago. We always love to see the work of all the amazing photographers out there. Therefore, don’t hesitate to submit your work here. But first, let us enjoy the magnificent work by Josée.

Josée Lamarre: “There are people who come into your life that you never forget. For their kindness, their human being and the gratitude for life. And also their way of showing their love and sharing their feelings with you. That’s what I experienced with Alba and Maria, two exceptional souls. Their love story is unique and very deep, so deep that it is impossible for us to reach the bottom and explain exactly how strong this love is. What I experienced during our photo session is something unique that I keep in my heart for life. To have shared this intimate and intense moment with you is worth a lot to me. Thank you for your confidence and for giving me the opportunity to capture this intimate moment in its most beautiful form.”



The Real & Inspiring Love Between Alba & Maria

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The Real & Inspiring Love Between Alba & Maria

We love the work of Josée. Enjoy the last photos of this intimate love session.


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The Real & Inspiring Love Between Alba & Maria

The Real & Inspiring Love Between Alba & Maria

The Real & Inspiring Love Between Alba & Maria

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Intimate Love Session by Josée Lamarre