Magical Sunset Elopement At Canyonlands National Park

This epic Utah wedding/elopement was shot by Megan & Nate Kantor from Cedar & Pines Photography. Two incredibly talented Utah Wedding Photographers, that will tell us all we need to know about this special day with Kristine & Eric. The getting ready location was Under Canvas Moab, one of our top outdoor wedding venues in Utah!

Utah wedding   

There is a magic to the desert that is impossible to truly understand until you’re standing 800 feet up on a cliff. Feeling the updraft from the canyon below, seeing the colors of the sunset dance across the vast open sky. It’s ethereal—the way the space carries sound, the way you can feel entirely alone and yet connected to all that surrounds you. I will never, ever get over the way it feels to stand so small in a place so encapsulating like Canyonlands National Park for our Utah wedding.

Kristine & Eric. I felt like the connection between these two went more in-depth than words, more mystical than vows could explain. Both of them wrote words that were kind and inspiring, but even in those, there was an energy that lay beneath it all—as though the words didn’t matter because something less physical was doing its work. Their officiant Conner facilitated a perfectly unstructured space for this.

Utah weddingUtah wedding

We popped craft beer instead of champagne and watched as Kristine & Eric explored the cliff edges, marveling at the way the sunlight filled the space of the canyon below them. After the sun went down, we made our way back to the car and stopped at a cliff edge for a few more photos in the last little bit of light. It was so much fun shooting this amazing Utah wedding.

Utah wedding

Kristine asked us to play a song, and the two had a “first dance.” We shuffled around, capturing the magic that is a blue hour as Kristine & Eric spun and held tight. The song carried through the open space, and the softness of Kristine’s dress. Finally, the late hour light made this whole evening feel almost…spiritual.  Something I seem to be consistently reminded of when we shoot couples like this is that love is powerful. It is more profound than we can ever know and inexplicably beautiful.

Utah weddingUtah weddingUtah wedding

This Utah Wedding was shot at the Canyonlands National Park by Cedar & Pines Photography 

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