A Woodsy & Dreamy Barn Wedding In Louisiana

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Barn Wedding Louisiana

It’s time to make a stop in the pelican state. April and Paul Russell were the photographers at the most important day in the lives of Lori and Kortlan. Therefore, we would love to show you the work they have created at this wonderful barn wedding in Louisiana.

April and Paul Russell: “Lori and Kortlan got married at the beautify Berry Barn in Amite City, LA. Lori is one of those brides that just take the day as it comes. We absolutely love that! The smiles were absolutely contagious that day. Their ceremony was at night under the stars and a couple of hanging lights. It was impossible to be cold with all of the warm vibes coming off of these two.”



A Woodsy & Dreamy Barn Wedding In Louisiana

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A Woodsy & Dreamy Barn Wedding In Louisiana

Barn Wedding Louisiana: Upcoming next, the ceremony and party images:

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Cake – Mandeville Bake Shop
DJ – D 2 Entertainment
Makeup Artist – Cassidy Fussell Robert
Hair Artist – Bailey Hilton with H20 Salon

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A Woodsy & Dreamy Barn Wedding In Louisiana

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