Kids Gone Wild And You Will Love This Craziness

Wild and Crazy Kids Are Fun!

We asked the talented photographers from our LOOKSLIKEFILM Kids group to share some images of their wild and crazy kids. At the end of the day, we couldn’t be happier what we received. In other words, you will see hilarious and simply amazing images. Your eyes won’t stay dry, and you are going to enjoy these images below for sure.

wild and crazy kids

Alexandria Mooney –


wild and crazy kids

Couldn’t say no to this photo op.

Amanda O’Donoughue –


wild and crazy kids

Amanda McClellan –


wild and crazy kids

Brittany Edmison –


The free spirit.

Casey McCauley –


wild and crazy kids

My wild child dressing herself for some trampolining.

Francesca Marchese Reeder –


Since he was little he has always been my wild child.

Hannah Goodson –


wild and crazy kids

Heather Marshall –


wild and crazy kids

Trying to survive the polar vortex.

Jaime Eilts –


This one’s entire personality encompassed in one photo. My fav from the entire year last year.

Jenna Sefkow –


wild and crazy kids



wild and crazy kids

They were screaming, “I can’t feel my face!”

Jessie Wade Nelson –


wild and crazy kids

Sprinkler shenanigans.

Jill Koskelin –



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Clear shower curtain for the win.

Jill Seely –


wild and crazy kids

Joy Blackburn –


Jumping for joy!

Kate Williams –


wild and crazy kids

Humble brag, but we’re the coolest parents ever.

Katt van den Oever –



Kyla Ewert –


His hair matches his personality.

Melanie Underwood –


Melissa Ferguson –


Throwing sand AWAY from my camera. 

Sapna Odlin –


About a second before I got drenched.

Shelley Reis –



Sven Berger –


Childhood is getting muddy!

Valery Phalon –


First days of spring…the grass needs a looooot of water

Verena Ettinger –


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