10 Awesome Images That Show The Power Of Lens Flare

The Power Of Lens Flare

Lens Flare can be mesmerizing and special in most cases. It can turn our normal images into a creative and beautiful masterpiece and give new life to the art that we produce. Check out these insanely awesome images that show the artistic power of flares


Using it underwater can give your images another layer of epicness. Check out this amazing shot from Alexa Clarke-Kent that really highlights the creative power of a flare.

lens flare

Alexa Clarke-Kent – www.instagram.com/lexilainephoto


Different lenses produce different lens flare. Did you know that? This stunning couple photo from Allison Markova has some really interesting stuff going on here.

lens flare

Allison Markova – www.allisonmarkova.com


The lens flare in this image is harder to see but it gives a nice warm touch to the lower left corner of the frame. Super awesome for shoots in the forest.

Baylee Wall – www.bayleedennis.com


Danielle Navratil is showing off his skills as an Emotive Family Photographer from a recent family session.

Danielle Navratil – www.daniellenavratilphotography.com


I guess this is the perfect combination of animals, lens flare and a pretty cool couple.

Jaime Burrow – www.jaimeburrowphotography.com



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Is this still a couple shot or already a pretty sexy boudoir photo? Does not even matter, because the lens flare is everything in here!

lens flare

Kristina Ohl-Boyd – www.hellodarlinphotography.com


It also works super good for your next maternity photos. Just find an open cave at a beach during sunset. Not too hard right?

Rachael Hammer – www.facebook.com/rachaelhammerphotography


Another example of epic maternity photography combined with a soft glow. Great job Sarah!

lens flare

Sarah Greene – www.sarahormiston.com


The flare in this photo is ever so small but so so powerful. We love the warm touch it creates.

lens flare

Staci Mitchell – www.instagram.com/haywoodandhoney


The classic lens flare between our heads shot, interpreted on the basketball court this time.

lens flare

Tashamae Cline – www.tashaclinephotography.com


So, we hope you like this selection of lens flare images. If you want to see more epic photos, check out our Double Exposure Photography blog post too!

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    Major lens flare goals here. Anyone out there have suggestions for Nikon lenses that will flare best?

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