A Unique Wedding At The Bowery And Weylin In NYC

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Bowery Hotel Wedding – A Unique Wedding in Brooklyn

Brian David was part of an amazing wedding which was held in Brooklyn. We are happy to share the photos he took that day with all of you. Let’s hear what he has to say about this wonderful wedding.

Brian David:

“Photographing Rachel and Adam’s Bowery Hotel wedding was one of the most challenging and rewarding weddings I’ve shot probably ever. There were no difficult personalities or strict rules set forth by a difficult venue or planner…quite the opposite. I had two of the best people ever as clients and got to work in two of the most spectacular venues New York City has to offer while the whole event was planned by an amazing wedding planner & designer. It was a case of having all the best options to choose from all I had to do was pick my favorites.

Photography is all about making choices.

We decide how to tell the story of a person, place or thing by making choices drawn from inspiration and knowledge of our craft. So when I arrived to begin my day shooting at the Bowery Hotel in lower Manhattan, I saw immediately that I had some choices to make.”

Getting ready in Manhattan…

“The bridal suite at the Bowery is gorgeous, and unlike most suites in Manhattan hotels that are tiny, this corner suite had space to move around and tons of gorgeous light pouring through every one of its south-west facing windows. I love the light, but you know what they say, “too much of a good thing” right? So I made a decision to close the curtains down to just allow a few slivers of light to beam through instead of giving a flood to the whole room. This gave so much personality to each shot. Silhouetting subjects in hard light and leaving their background dark. I felt this really showed the personality of the Bowery Hotel too in its dark, cavernous spaces and almost gothic vibes. I LOVE the photos I shot here and am so happy with that decision about light”.

After a small break here, we will continue with the amazing Bowery Hotel Wedding by Brian David

A Unique Wedding At The Bowery And Weylin In NYC


“We then traveled across the Williamsburg Bridge to a venue carved out of an old (enormous) Georgian Bank called the Weylin. Imagine a basilica in Italy with huge domed ceilings covered in mosaic tile stretching out high overhead except instead of a place for a religion to worship their deity it was a place used to store the wealthiest of New York City’s riches.  So there are cool old vaults gilded in bronze and ornate corridors throughout. Its a really cool place.”

Feelings about the ceremony & venue…

“Everything about the wedding ceremony and reception was perfectly detailed and unique. It was a wedding with a guest list of almost 300. So, the ceremony was in the round featuring a Chuppah surrounded by chairs and lit from above by professional stage lighting. When it came time for the reception, I felt more like I was back in high school at a punk rock concert moshing than at a formal wedding. I loved it.”


A Unique Wedding At The Bowery And Weylin In NYC

Folks, there are only a few photos left of this Brooklyn wedding. Let’s take a look at the ceremony and party images next.


“I love capturing images that feel alive. So, most of the time that means being in the action and really connecting with not just my clients but their family and friends as well. I feel this element if nothing else is the most important for me. And when I’m able to do this and also have so much to be inspired by throughout a wedding day –  I just know magic is going to happen.”

The end – What else do you need to know?

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A Unique Wedding At The Bowery And Weylin In NYC


A Unique Wedding At The Bowery And Weylin In NYC


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