Mountain Photography – 10 unforgettable photos of epic giants in nature!

Mountain Photography – 10 unforgettable photos of epic giants in nature

We had a photo challenge running in our LOOKSLIKEFILM group last week. The topic was “our epic planet.” After announcing this challenge, we received a fantastic variety of photos. All of them show us how beautiful our planet is. Hence we decided to create a blog post with the focus on mountain photography.

The Giants

Mountains are real giants in a deeper meaning. They can be a dangerous place to walk around. But at the same time, they are true colossus that might guide you the way. Especially when you feel lost at some point.  You’ll get a feeling of inner peace while looking at them. They are like someone who has been there all the time – and always will be. Mountains reveal their majestic look in unique ways. It doesn’t matter if it is raining or the sun shining. Even if it’s dark or already night – mountains never lose their beautiful and impressive look on the landscape. And now, let us enjoy together these beautiful photos from our talented LOOKSLIKEFILM photographers! Onward!

mountain photography

Celestine Aerden –


A wedding couple stands at the edge of a mountain while the sun is shining

Donna Irene Weddings –


mountain photography

Elodie Davis –


The sky is full of stars and a person stands on top of mountain with a flashlight

Felix Gerz –


Observing the northern lights which are over a mountain.

Nina Larsen Reed –


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mountain photography

Paul Wilson –


Looking down at night on a city which is located in a valley between mountains

Sandra Danilowicz  –


mountain photography

Tom Archer –


mountain photography

Tomas Lazorik –


mountain photography

Trey Wallace –


So, we hope you like this stunning type of mountain photography. If you want to see more epic photos, check out our landscape pictures post too!

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Mountain Photography


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