The Best Wedding Venues in the Bay Area!

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The Top Bay Area Wedding Venues

There are plenty of great wedding venues specifically in the bay area, and it might be too overwhelming to find what you are looking for. This is why we finally sat down with some of the best Wedding Photographers in California to create a list of the best places for your dream wedding.


Pier 70

Pier 70 Wedding at the Bay Area




Located in the center of San Francisco, Pier 70 is undoubtedly not the dream venue that most brides would dream of. After more than 150 years of operations in shipbuilding and repair, the pier surrounds itself with a unique charm.

The entire site is a 69-acre property owned by the Port of San Francisco. The combination of shoreline, industrial use, and many impressive historical buildings make this venue special.

If you are up for a challenge and something different, we highly recommend to check out the Pier 70 for your wedding!

Conservatory of Flowers

Conservatory of Flowers


Changing up the pace as we switch from rusty walls and steel pipes to gardens and flowers. The Conservatory of Flowers is in the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This Bay Area wedding venue was built back in 1879 and is celebrating it’s 140th birthday this year.

If you love flowers and want to escape the hustle of, the city, you might want to check out this gem in particular. You can celebrate inside the greenhouse or even outside, surrounded by many tropical plants.

The Pearl

The Best Wedding Venues in the Bay Area!


Back to an industrial look as we look closer at the pearl, located on 601 19th Street in San Francisco. There are many options for a ceremony at the pearl, but the rooftop would be our #1 pick for sure.
4,655 square-foot of space on the rooftop terrace is perfect for hosting ceremonies, receptions, cocktail hours or as a breakout space.

If you are looking for a real pearl for bay area wedding venues, look no further.

San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco Wedding Venues


IMAGE BY Kirsten Noelle

Some call it the prettiest city hall in our country. Rightfully so when we look at the fantastic images, if you are looking for a modern and elegant San Francisco City Hall Wedding, go for it! There is something special about this wedding venue that initially opened in 1899. Destroyed by the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 and reopened in 1916.

If you love history and the charm of French-inspired architecture, this place is for you!

Old Sugar Mill

Old Sugar Mill Wedding


IMAGE BY Brandon Scott


We are making our way out of San Francisco and take a look at a venue in Sacramento real quick.

The old sugar mill from 1935 is in the heart of Clarksburg’s scenic wine country. Fifteen unique wineries, a pretty outdoor plaza. The spacious Barrel Room, Boiler House, and the beautiful main gallery should fulfill all your needs.

Mitchell’s Meadows

Mitchell's Meadows

IMAGE By gabriel harber


We move a bit more east towards the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and find Mitchell’s Meadows. You will love the national forest that surrounds this epic wedding venue.

No neighbors in sight and no limits if you want to party until midnight.

Olympia’s Valley Estate

Bay Area Wedding Venues

IMAGE BY Lynette Boyle


The family-owned Olympia’s Valley Estate stretches over 2000 acres of land. Organic apple orchards and animals, for example, are all over the place in this fantastic bay area wedding venue.

Escape the rush and dive into this dream location that will offer anything you need for a perfect wedding. Owned and operated by the Tresh family since 1905; consequently, you should check out this beauty.

The Best Bay Area Wedding Venues

The Best Wedding Venues in the Bay Area!



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