Beautiful Wedding at the San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall Wedding

This San Francisco City Hall Wedding is beautiful. Californian Wedding Photographer – Kirsten Noelle was able to capture these stunning wedding photos last year. The city hall is undoubtedly one of the most famous wedding venues in San Francisco, and we are happy to show you these beautiful wedding moments.

The following words are from Kirsten Noelle and her experience at the city hall.

I’ve photographed in City Hall many times for elopements, its always bustling with people and noise, so being there for a private wedding was a whole new experience.

City Hall in Sam Francisco Entrance of the San Francisco City Hall Ceiling inside the city hall of San Francisco

A perfect day

The building is rather grand, when it was empty, I quickly realize how truly large a building it is. Something about all the intricate details, the tall ceilings, and beautiful windows give San Francisco City Hall a really romantic feeling, the perfect setting for a wedding.

While in comparison to the building, it was a small crowd of people, the love and joy that day filled the building to the very top. There were many happy tears shed that day by everyone, myself included, you could just tell that these two are meant to be.

A groom waiting for his bride to arrive in the SF City Hall Bride and groom see each other for the first time at ceremony bride and groom standing in front of each other on the stairs inside the San Francisco city hall San Francisco City Hall Wedding Wedding couple making their exit inside the city hall in SF

A unique place

After the ceremony, we had the hall to ourselves and we ran through the empty halls, finding favorite corners and spots all around until our time was up. The couple had planned to the wedding day images where they very first met, and while they sat there, I could tell that every little detail of the day was filled with so much meaning and love.

We ventured to their neighborhood to capture some time there until it was time for the reception. The reception was simple, elegant, and again filled with meaningful details that just so perfectly fit the day.

Close up of a bride from the side

Intimate images

Tartine Manufactory had these glorious windows, and we spent the evening enjoying this room filled with loved ones. As the day grew on the love for the couple grew and you could easily see why they are so perfect for each other. This was one of those days that reminded me why I love this job especially because of this wedding at the San Francisco City Hall.

A wedding couple sitting inside the Tartine Factory in San Francisco

If you loved the image of this San Francisco City Hall wedding, please visit the website of Kirsten Noelle to see more images!

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  1. Robyn and Finch

    We envy the San Francisco city hall so much! So much beauty as if it were built to host weddings.

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