Cute Puppies – 15 images that will melt your heart

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15 cute puppies that will melt your heart

Even though it is a bit weird to compare a kid to a pet in general, but there is one fact that truly matches on both. THEY ARE GROWING UP SO FAST! It is unbelievable that we only have a limited time with them being babies. Hence we should try to capture their first months with our camera. Because of that, we asked the photographers from our LOOKSLIKEFILM Pets community to share some adorable pictures of cute puppies with all of us.

Are you the Grinch?

We had so many submissions for this blog post, and it was tough to pick the photos. All of them were so beautiful. Nevertheless, we are sure that you are going to love this article. If your heart doesn’t melt while scrolling through the images below, you are probably the Grinch.  So, after you’ve finished this article and can somehow handle the cuteness overload, there’s one more thing to do for you. Give us a follow on our Instagram and don’t miss all the lovely photos of animals and pets!

cute puppies

Alexandra Feher –


a corgi is lying on the bed and sleeps with a smile

Blakeney Clouse –


A small dog wears a cravat and is holding a pinecone in his mouth

Celestine Aerden –


cute puppies

Danielle Kilgore-Hack –


A pug in the bathtub looks directly into the camera

Emily Main –


A dog sits in front of a brick wall and has a pacifier in his mouth.

James Morris –


cute puppies

Jenni Liukkonen –


Cute Puppies - 15 images that will melt your heart

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cute puppies

Jessie Nelson –


A labrador puppy jumps and tries to catch a branch

Joshua Corey –


cute puppies

Michelle Fernandes Fox –


A French bulldog reads the TIME magazine on a couch

Monika Grzelak –


cute puppies

Nycky-jay Vanjecek –


cute puppies

Paula Suzana Ribeiro –


A German shepherd puppy lies on a field full of daisies

Ruth Vicens –


A puppy who is a few weeks old is being held in human hands

Stephanie Prewett –


So, we hope you like this selection of cute puppies. If you want to see more epic photos, check out our funny dog pictures post too!

Cute Puppies - 15 images that will melt your heart

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Cute Puppies - 15 images that will melt your heart