Incredible Helicopter Elopement in Banff

Banff Wedding – The extraordinary elopement of Jacqui & Chris

Destination weddings and elopements are mostly taking place in beautiful spots. The landscape is stunning, and it’s granted that the images will be jaw-dropping. But what about adding some extra special sauce to the elopement recipe? The Film & Forest team around Afton Flynn had the chance to capture this Banff wedding including a helicopter, a lovely couple and amazing places. These photos are memorable, and we are happy to share them with you!

Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park

Afton Flynn: “All week we had been checking the smoke forecast from the BC wildfires in anticipation of this helicopter elopement. The night before, we could barely sleep; we were so excited. But when the time came, the winds were in our favor. Chris and Jacqui’s epic sunrise helicopter elopement was nothing short of amazing! It was the first time any of us had been in a helicopter before, and the first time we’ve captured a helicopter elopement. Mountain View Helicopters was nothing short of amazing in waking up before the crack of dawn to prep us for the heli ride and pilot the flight. Watching the sunrise illuminate Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park and Marvel Pass from the helicopter was perhaps the most humbling moment we’ve ever experienced in the mountains.”

banff wedding

banff wedding

banff wedding


“We landed at Marvel Pass along the edges of an alpine lake in Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park. Marvel Pass is as remote as it gets. The peaks basked in a soft pink alpenglow, and the mountains reflected perfectly in Marvel Lake.”

banff wedding

banff wedding

the groom is kissing his bride from behind on the neck

banff wedding

Bride and groom are dancing in the middle of nature with a stunning mountain in the background

banff wedding

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banff wedding

An orange helicopter stands on a green grassfield, and the sun is shining

banff wedding

The groom kisses the hand of his bride while they are sitting in a helicopter

Bride and groom laugh and wear headphones in the helicopter

banff wedding

“We landed at Marvel Pass along the edges of an alpine lake in Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park. Marvel Pass is as remote as it gets. The peaks basked in a soft pink alpenglow, and the mountains reflected perfectly in Marvel Lake. After an hour soaking in alpine meadows and clear morning skies, we hopped back in the heli to head back for part 2 of Chris and Jacqui’s adventurous helicopter elopement: a ceremony at the Banff Candy Store!”

An Extra-Sweet Elopement Ceremony at the Banff Candy Store

“When we asked Jacqui and Chris why they chose the Banff Candy Store for the ceremony spot after their helicopter elopement, they told us it’s a place they always stopped at on the way through Banff National Park. It had a special place in their hearts.”

The sign in a shape of a goody at a store in Banff

During the ceremony the groom sticks the ring on his bride's finger

banff wedding

“After the sweet elopement ceremony at the Banff Candy Store officiated by Banff Weddings by ME (Marie-Eve Jackson), Jacqui and Chris made sure to stock up their sweet tooth! We consider ourselves candy connoisseurs, so this elopement ceremony was definitely an A+ in our books.”

The bride and the groom are trying to choose the right lollipop

A man and a woman are taking a selfie in a candystore with an iPhone

banff wedding

Bride and groom hold hands while walking down a street in Banff

Moraine Lake Sunset After An Epic Helicopter Elopement

“A quick power nap later after the amazing sunrise helicopter elopement and we met up with Jacqui and Chris again for a smokey sunset at Moraine Lake. This time, they brought their two dalmatians, Penny & Taz along for the photography! We firmly believe in furbabies, including our own little border collie Theo. Penny and Taz were dressed to the nines in some beautiful floral collars made by Fall For Florals. Jacqui and Chris finished their epic elopement overlooking the glacial blue waters of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. The mountains were barely visible from the BC wildfire smoke, but the ten peaks still poked through for these two. After the sunset through the thick smoke, we all headed back after an amazing end to this Banff wedding.”

Detail shots of the wedding rings which are lying among cloverleafs

Bride and groom look at each other and pose for the photo with their dalmatians

banff wedding

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