Kiana Lodge Wedding – Intimate Wedding at the Seattle Coast

Intimate Wedding at the Seattle Coast

It is time to visit the North of the west coast today. Our LLF community member Hannah Breidinger from Cinncinati, Ohio traveled all the way to Washington to capture the beautiful Kiana Lodge Wedding of Becky and James. Hannah will share her impressions of the day with us and show us some photos of the sunny day in Seattle.

Hannah Breidinger:

“What a joy this entire trip was – we traveled all the way to Seattle to meet Becky and James and photograph one of the most important days of their lives at Kiana Lodge. It was a total honor to say the least, as Becky is a beyond talented wedding photographer herself. The weather was like nothing the locals had seen this time of year – bright blue skies and golden sunshine. We embraced it completely for their outdoor ceremony. It was just as lovely as they come! The tide came in right around when they exchanged vows adding so much depth and deepness to the words they recited. Zac and I were running around on this day like kids in a candy shop, attempting to capture the immense beauty of it all through our eyes. Take a look below to see all the goodness. Thank you, Becky and James, for it all; you two are one-of-a-kind.”


After a small break here, we will continue with the amazing Kiana Lodge Wedding by Hannah Breidinger


These two are gorgeous, right? Although the weather in Seattle was superb on this day! Folks, there are only a few photos left of this wedding. Let’s take a look at the party images next.


The end – What else do you need to know?

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