Intimate Point Reyes Elopement

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Point Reyes Wedding in California, USA

Have you ever been to California? Next time, if you’re near San Francisco,  you should visit that lovely place.  Enjoy the amazing views over the seashore and witness the abundance of wildlife. It is a peaceful place where you’re able to relax. Our LOOKSLIKEFILM Pro Member Cocoa Zhou took the chance to photograph a beautiful and intimate elopement. Let’s hear what Cocoa has to say about this beautiful session at the seashore.

Point Reyes, a natural sanctuary, a human haven.

“Ksenia & Misha came across the ocean to the US from Russia. They were impressed by the beauty of nature in Point Reyes and decided to elope next to the beautiful shoreline.

It was a foggy and windy afternoon when the mountains were shy and hiding behind. The atmosphere was unbelievably peaceful. There was no one else except these two warm hearts. As we explored the mountains and listened to the deep sound coming from the ocean, we know today is the day that these two will remember forever. There is nothing better than hugging your loved one and having that sweetest kiss. And from now on, two souls are tied together.

It was a beautiful afternoon in Point Reyes.”

Point Reyes Wedding by Cocoa Zhou


Intimate Point Reyes Elopement

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A wedding couple is standing on top of a mountain and holding hands in front of a sunset.



Intimate Point Reyes Elopement


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Intimate Point Reyes Elopement