The best Kids Portraits on LLF in 2018!

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34 Beautiful Kids Portraits

The following kids portraits have everything that it needs to be an outstanding image. They were created by the amazing emotive family photographers from our community in particular.

Kids Photography is becoming more and more popular, and the amount of diverse imagery that we see in the LLF Kids Group is mindblowing. These talented artists know how to capture emotions, light, moments to create an everlasting memory for the parents of these children.

Some of them use their children as models to practice and learn their craft. In the end, a child will only behave in their unique way in front of their parents. Enough of the talking, so go ahead and please enjoy our incredible collection finally.

A photo of a girl filing milk into a bowl

Angela Rethwisch –


An emotional picture of a crying child with its head against a window

Anya Ponti –


Kids Portraits

A cute small girl with very large eyes

Brittany Hohenstein –


A boy dressed up as Harry Potter

Chelsea Harem –


Two newborns dressed up nicely laying on a blanket

Christy Stone –


A girl that looks like Merida standing in a field holding flowers

Christian John O’Reilly –


Getting creative with your photography

It takes a different approach sometimes to create interesting kids portraits. Double exposure photography is surely a way to view your children in a different light. Your clients will also approach “something different” as most of them have never seen it before.


A double exposure portrait of a child with a hat

Small kid with a hat that looks into the distance

Emily Hodge –


Kids portrait of a small boy with big glasses

Esteban Gil –


A close up of two sisters close to each other with their faces

Fiona Yates –


A small girl laughing out loud with joy while holding her parents hands

Francesca Marchese Reeder –


A close up of two babies

Hayley Garnett –


Kids Portrait of a small girl in a mini bathtub surrounded by flowers

Jessica Dellorto –


A child with baby rolls sitting on a blanket about to cry

Kayla Pontier –


a cute baby sitting in the kitchen sink that is filled with strawberries

Kendra LaCroix –


The best Kids Portraits on LLF in 2018!


Portrait of a child sitting on a mini bed looking up and smiling

Lane Weichman –


A kids portrait of a small girl looking into the camera with her big brown eyes

Lauren Hess Copley –

Never take kids portraits too seriously

Children have their head, and they end up doing what they want anyway. Do not bother if some things turn out differently to what you expected. Just look at this hilarious shot for example.


The best Kids Portraits on LLF in 2018!

Madeleine Kaye Orf –


The best Kids Portraits on LLF in 2018!

Melissa Bales –


The best Kids Portraits on LLF in 2018!

Melissa Ware –


The best Kids Portraits on LLF in 2018!

The best Kids Portraits on LLF in 2018!

Mika Rascon –


The best Kids Portraits on LLF in 2018!

Missie Collins Lafrenz –


BW kids portrait of a young girl looking like a movie actress

Stunning portrait of a young girl with red hairs

Paulina Duczman –


Expect the unexpected

We already told you that kids have their minds. This is why they also come up with the best possible poses for your kids portraits. No way you could have set up a shot like this from Regina Moneypenny for instance.

The best Kids Portraits on LLF in 2018!

Regina Moneypenny –


A kid laying on the floor looking up into the camera surrounded by autumn themed items

Samantha Sibilant –


Child portrait of a young girl sitting in a bowl next to flowers

Sara Caswell –


Kids Portraits

Sarah Marie Case –


A cute looking newborn looking straight into the camera

Sophie Eleanor Gibson –


A young girl sitting in the sand next to her standing mother

Tammy Porter –


Kids Portrait of a young girl with a peacock feather in fron of her eye

Victoria Andrews –


All of these fantastic artists are the perfect choice if you are looking for the best family photographer.
You can also check out all of the “Photographers near me” on our list. Just set your location and see the amazing artists from your area.


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The best Kids Portraits on LLF in 2018!


The best Kids Portraits on LLF in 2018!


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The best Kids Portraits on LLF in 2018!


Family Photographer – Justine Di Fede