Our Very Best 63 Portrait Images On LLF From Last Year!

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Portrait Images – The best from our LLF community in 2018

It’s no surprise that portrait photography is one of the most popular fields of photography. There are no limits or rules when it comes to creating stunning portrait images. Specifically, it’s all about creating a snap that tells you about the person or the environment or a feeling. Portraits are about capturing a photo at a certain moment in the life of a person. The goal as a photographer is to tell their story through our photo.

Therefore, we would love to present you the best portrait images from LLF in 2018. Scroll through all the portrait images below and be sure to let us know which ones are your favorite. It’s granted that you won’t get bored by looking at these masterpieces. Besides, we are going to take a small look at how to create unique portraits that stick out from the mass.


Portrait Images

Alexis Fernandez – www.instagram.com/mcp_photography_


Portrait Images

Ariana Jordan Maddox – www.arianajordan.com


A woman is walking at the beach and holding a hat in her hand.

Brandon Hesson – www.brandonkeith.photo


An old woman has closed her eyes, holds her left arm and smiles

Brigitte Duncan – www.facebook.com/brigitteduncanphotography


The face of a mother and daughter combined to one face.

Brittany Hohenstein – www.facebook.com/BGHPhotography89


A girl is walking out through a door in a greenhouse

Camille Girard – www.camillegphotography.com


portrait images

Carlee Melenko – www.cdaisyphotography.com


A cat and a boy having different eye ball colors are looking straight into the camera.

Christina Humphreys – www.facebook.com/christinavhumphreys


An old couple is laying on the floor with tennis rackets between them

portrait images

An old stylish woman with a flower scarf is standing in front of a pink wall.

Diane Villadsen – www.dvilladsenphotography.com



Portrait Images – Be Creative

Challenge your inner self from time to time. Try different things out and follow your imagination! The imagination is your powerful tool to use, and all it takes it practice to make it grow even stronger! Of course, there will be some mistakes made, but that’s the way how to get those amazing portrait images in the end. We learn from those mistakes! Try to make some double exposures or some self-portraits, or try to create a portrait that goes with a certain feeling. Try a new approach while working with your editing software. You can create crazy stuff in Photoshop, so use it! There are no limits, no rules. Unleash your creativity and bring your imagination to life.

portrait images

A young woman is lying on a carpet and looks through some pieces of vinyl while smoking.

Emily Kaar – www.instagram.com/emilykaar


portrait images

Fabian Rudack – www.fabianrudack.de


A woman is squatting in a field of cati

Hayley Dolson – www.instagram.com/hayleydolson


Jared Leto from Thirty Seconds to Mars is wearing red gloves and holds a microphone

Jason Cox – www.jasoncoxphoto.com


portrait images

jenna Mahr – www.jennamahr.com


Seagulls surround a woman in a white dress at a beach.

Jennifer Moher – www.jennifermoher.com


A young lady is wearing pink clothes and plays with her long blond hair

Jennifer Perkins – www.instagram.com/griffithimaging


A person is standing on a rock in the middle of a lake and looks at a cabin surrounded by mountains

Joab Woodger-Smith – www.joabsmithphotography.co.uk


A woman wears a special hat to be protected and tries to touch a bee


portrait images

A beautiful woman with tattoos is wearing a white transparent dress which she holds in her left hand

portrait images

Kate Whyte – www.instagram.com/katewhytephoto


A dog with a hat on a piggyback ride

Kimberly Orrison – www.kindhoneyphotography.com


A woman is taking off her face

Lauren Laveria – www.laurenritaphotography.com


A blonde girl posing in front of frozen rocks.

Lena Gill – www.facebook.com/teachergill


A girl standing in the middle of a barn where the sunlight breaks through the windows

portrait images

Leslie Thomas Schoen – www.leslieschoen.smugmug.com


Daenerys Targaryen is standing at a lake and you can see her three dragons flying in the sky

Leslie VanDyke – www.leslievandykephotography.com


Our Very Best 63 Portrait Images On LLF From Last Year!

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portrait images

Lexy Parks – www.lexyparksphotography.com


In the middle of a foggy forest a woman with a blue dress stands between two trees

Magdalena Tavares – www.instagram.com/madalenatavares


portrait images

Marco Bernardi – www.marcobernardiphotography.com


A girl in green clothes is waiting on a bridge which leads to a castle

Maxim Schumacher – www.MaximSchumacher.com


A dog and its owner sitting in the living room and looking out through a window.

Megan Loeks – www.instagram/meg_nlo


portrait images

Megan Scott – www.facebook.com/MeganScottPhotography


portrait images

Melissa Rey – www.melissareyphoto.com


A double exposure of a woman with long hair filled with flowers

Mika Rascon – www.thegreatestwonders.com


Looking on a woman lying in a field from above

portrait images

An alpaca is holding by a woman on a field

Missie Collins Lafrenz – www.missielafrenzphotography.com



Use the light

In fact, we all know that light, in general, is the most important thing. We have to think about it all the time as a photographer. We also made a blog post about Studio Photography images a few weeks ago. But today we would like to focus on natural lighting conditions. You can use this light perfectly for creating epic portrait images as well. Imagine how sunbeams that breakthrough between the trees. They start to surround the person you are photographing with beautiful light. Or think about how the light is shining through a window. It only highlights a particular part of the face for example. Super cool! There are multiple choices for you to create stunning and jaw-dropping pictures.


portrait images

Natalie Thomas – www.nataliethomasphotography.com


portrait images

Noam Shoval – www.happydayswed.com


Meghan Markle is shaking hands with a person waiting for her at the pier

Olga Levien – www.olgalevien.com


portrait images

Pablo Beglez – www.pablobeglez.com


An old grandma is celebrating her birthday by drinking some alcohol

Paige Keeton – www.harpergreyphotoco.com


A silhouette of a woman spreading her arms in the middle of a cloudy area

Pedro Lopes – www.pedrolopes.photo


portrait images

Rebecca Searle – www.rebeccacantrelle.com


portrait images

Rebecca Searle – www.rebeccasearlephotography.co.uk


The leaves are falling and a woman is sitting on a suspension bridge

Robyn Marika Chubey – www.helloglow.ca


portrait images

A woman is chasing seagulls at the beach

portrait images

portrait images

Sarah Greene – www.sarahormiston.com


portrait images

Shannon O’Malley – www.shannonkathleenphotography.com




Backgrounds can have a huge impact on the effect of your photo. On the one hand, we love to shoot in front of epic backgrounds. But on the other hand, there is truly more out there. Once you start creating portrait images, take a look at your surroundings. It can be simple or colorful walls on the street. Also, a beautiful door in the backyard or the patio in front of your house might be dope. Even your local supermarket store can be a cool thing. So, you should always look out for a spot with settings you would love to have in the background.

portrait images

Sunbeams breaking through the trees in a forest and a person enjoy it

Shelby Rae Robinson – www.thistlewoodphoto.com


portrait images

Sufia Huq – www.sufiahuqportraits.com


portrait images

Syd and Dana Takeshta – www.londonlightphotography.com


A close up of half of the face of a horse and a woman

Tabitha Jackson – www.tabithajackson.com


portrait images

Trent Robinson – www.joeandthebear.com


portrait images

Wojtek Piatek – www.wojtekpiatek.com


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Our Very Best 63 Portrait Images On LLF From Last Year!


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Our Very Best 63 Portrait Images On LLF From Last Year!