20 Funny Photos That Will Make You Laugh For Sure!

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20 funny photos that will make you laugh for sure!

Every one of us loves to look at beautiful images with perfect light, exposure, amazing locations with a remarkable landscape, and so on. In truth, sometimes it takes some errors and fails to achieve that hero shot we’re aiming for. From time to time it can be hard to capture special moments the way we planned it. Nevertheless, these funny photos are full of value because they do have a story to tell as well. For example, your first steps trying out new camera techniques, capturing the funny habits of kids or just dealing with wedding guests. At the end of the day, you will get your “perfect” results, but sometimes there are these unpredictable things while photographing a wedding or session that let you grow as a photographer.

And guess what – Having fun while you are creating your beautiful work is the most incredible thing. You can learn from funny mistakes and most important – gain new motivation by simply having a good laugh.

Enough of words now. Some of the following images are from our #LOL challenge, and the others have been a part of our best images in 2018. Enjoy & have FUN!

A boy wearing diapers and holding a ball in his hand stands between two persons

The bride was giving her new father-in-law a gift and her nephew made a guest appearance

Abigail Weeden – www.abbyweeden.com



funny photos

Angyalosi Beata – www.pawsome.ro



funny photos

This is Lee. He’s new. And he has zero F’s to give.

Casey Dickerson – www.cassandrajoyphotography.com



A double exposure photo of a girl went wrong, where she sits on her on face

When double exposure goes wrong

Chelsie Leigh Ritter – www.facebook.com/chelsieleighportraits



funny photos

It’s all about angles

Deidre Lewis – www.picturesofprose.com



funny photos

Duncan McCall – www.duncanmccallphotography.com



Funny Photos: Winner of our #laughingoutloud-challenge!

funny photos

They call me the child whisperer! #LOL, no they don’t.

Jamie Buckley – www.jamiebuckleyphotography.com



funny photos

The groom was so excited to see his bride for their first look and we sent out not the bride

Jensen Maxwell – www.wpgwpc.com/jensen



Newlywed are kissing each other while wedding guests wrote the word F-word.

They said they had a special message for the bride and groom




A girl and a blurry boy are playing on the playground

I’ve been trying so hard to make real and natural photos, striving to make images that represent my two children’s personalities in the same frame.
It’s not easy when they are so different.
But I feel I’m close with this.

Karah Mew – www.theglassnarrator.com



20 Funny Photos That Will Make You Laugh For Sure!

Are you ready for the second part of our amazing funny photos? Keep scrolling!


funny photos

Everybody else “I tried my first double exposure today” (insert amazing picture)

Kayla Mattox – www.kaylamattoxphotography.com



A kid is wearing crazy glasses and is looking straight into the camera

Kelly Ward – www.lakeeffectexposures.com



funny photos

If a toddler poops in the woods and there is no one there to smell it, does the diaper really need to be changed? Signature poop face!

Lora Unruh – www.loraandted.com



A collage of pictures where a good looking man eats a taco and have fun with a taco in general

Taco Truck Boys Calendar 2019

MacKenzie Bates – www.waverlylanephotography.com



A fish with his mouth open is sneakingly swimming behind a turtle

Marcela Prado Pheth – www.marcelapradopheth.com


There are five funny photos left  – We hope you’ve enjoyed it so far.


funny photos

Megan Loeks – www.instagram/meg_nlo



A group of men trying to reach the ring, which the groom holds in his hand.

Mic Panic – www.instagram.com/mic.panic



funny photos

It’s either my „best“ family portrait or the dog’s best photobomb.
Can’t decide…

Nils Hasenau – www.nilshasenau.de



A man posing naked in front of his wedding suit and covering his genitals with a hat

When one of the groomsmen asks for a Tinder profile photo. I didn’t expect it to be like this

Olga Franco – www.instagram.com/wildandgrace



A man standing in the middle of the aisle is filming the bride and groom.

Stacy Kenopic – www.stacykenopicphotography.org


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20 Funny Photos That Will Make You Laugh For Sure!


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20 Funny Photos That Will Make You Laugh For Sure!