The Best Wedding Group Photos On LLF in 2018 – Creative And Unique

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Wedding group photos – Challenging, but a lot of fun

After the wedding ceremony, everyone is heading over to the party venue ready to celebrate the newlyweds. Admittedly, this is the most common time to take photos of the bride and groom. Besides that, it also the time to get a few group photos taken afterward. While it may be true that many photographers or even the couple itself don’t really like taking these kinds of images, they are essential at the same time.

In fact, group photos seem to be a boring part of the wedding gallery, because of the large group and therefore limited options. Moreover, you or the newlyweds might be stressed getting all the people together for the photoshoot.

As a result of this, we would like to show you a variety of cool wedding group photos. Our LOOKSLIKEFILM community created funny and unique images last year. While looking at this collection, you can genuinely see that not only the photographers have had fun creating these photos – but also the couple, their families, and friends as well.


Best men and bridesmaids are surrounding the newlyweds in front of a white background in a studio.

Ben Massey –


wedding group photos

Christian John O’Reilly –


wedding group photos

Eric Floberg –



On what should you take attention to while shooting the wedding group photos?

We want to help you with creating unique group shots, so we decided to share some simple tips to make it easier and less stressful for you and your couple as well. First, take always a closer look at the outfits of the persons. Especially bridesmaids and best men often have matching outfits. Use this fact to order and to place the people to get a balanced look automatically in your wedding group photo.

In the second place, you should definitely have an eye on the background you want to shoot in front of. Probably it’s a wall which supports the symmetry in the photo, especially when you give the group instructions where to stand. Maybe it’s a straight background, which will lead the viewer’s attention naturally on the group. As you can see it is your choice and you can lead it depending on what you want to achieve.



A group of female friends holding each other and bouquets in their hands are showing their backs to the camera.

wedding group photos

Kelsey Brown –


wedding group photos

Laura K. Allen –


The Best Wedding Group Photos On LLF in 2018 - Creative And Unique


Eight women who are wearing matching colored outfits and a bride are standing on grass




What you should never forget about?

It is a simple thing called FUN. Don’t see it as an annoying duty, but more of a fun challenge to create beautiful memories for the newlyweds together with their favorite squad. On the one hand, it is fascinating to create wedding group photos where everyone is placed at certain spots to get a perfect image in terms of symmetry and a balanced look. On the other hand, you will also get lovely photos when the group, for example, walks towards you. It is absolutely okay, if they are in motion, giggle, touch each other and laugh, laugh and, laugh.

A wedding is a joyful day, so there’s no need to be stiff all the time. The bride and the groom are taking these photos together with their families and close friends, and they know each other for a long time. Let this fact flow into your wedding group photos, and you will get excellent results.



wedding group photos

Nick Parry –


A group of women are laughing and a girl is looking at her injured knee

Nicole Apuzzo Cain –


Women are wearing flower crowns and are looking down into the camera

Pawel Kowalewski –


wedding group photos

Sebastian Bravo –


Rocks surround three women dressed in white.

Sue Sonnenberg –


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The Best Wedding Group Photos On LLF in 2018 - Creative And Unique


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The Best Wedding Group Photos On LLF in 2018 - Creative And Unique