How to choose a Wedding Photographer?

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“How to choose a wedding photographer” is an essential question that many couples need to ask themselves at some point. You can get lost with many amazing wedding photos being posted every day on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and co.

There are many great and exceptional wedding photographers out there, and most of them will do the job. However, there might only be a handful of photographers that can pull it off at your wedding. Check out our “Photographers Near Me” list for example!

If you want to know how to pick the right one, check out our tips and you will surely get excellent wedding photos.

How to choose a wedding photographer

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 Moody or airy?

The style should be your #1 thing to be aware of when looking for a photographer specifically. If you do not like the style, then there is no real reason to even think about contacting the photographer. Do you prefer your images to look moody? Maybe you prefer them to look airy? Just be aware of what you want so you can exclude thousands of photographers right away.

The style is also not only defined by the way the images look. It is determined by the way a photographer frames a couple or if they use symmetry & lines in their pictures. Just be sure to choose someone’s work that you connect to right away when seeing it! No need to hire someone for other reasons when it only makes you unhappy in years to come.

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A perfect match

No matter how good the photos are, if you do not click together, then there is no way you should work together. Being a wedding photographer is a pretty intimate thing.

You will spend the majority of your day with the photographer; this is why you need to be on the same wavelength. The better your connection is, the more trust you can build, the better the images will get in the end.

There is no way you will be able to relax during the wedding day if the photographer is an asshole. Choose the wedding photographer that makes you feel comfortable being around with rather than someone weird.

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Being in the wedding photography business for a while

Experience is super important! Wedding photography is not the easiest thing to do, and a photographer should know what they are doing. Just imagine a significant photo is missing in the collection in the end, because your photographer didn’t manage to get the shot. That happens all the time, but it shouldn’t happen to you. Ask them to view a full gallery so you can see how their work looks in general.

It is easy to select some good images to set up a blog post but what about the other images? Ask them nicely, and there shouldn’t be a problem for you to see an entire gallery if the photographer is proud of his work.

An experienced photographer can also help you to finalize your schedule. When is the best time to take photos? Where should you take pictures? What about the light at the reception? There are numerous things that a photographer can help you with to achieve even better images.

While there are certainly fantastic wedding photographers that are just starting out. A more experienced photographer will deliver on your wedding day for sure!

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How to choose a wedding photographer – NOT!

Your uncle cannot do the job! No matter what he tells you, he is not the person that should be in power of your wedding images, period!

How to choose a Wedding Photographer?

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It’s not all about the Benjamins

Wedding photography pricing is something a lot of people debate about. There is a reason why some people charge more than others. More experienced photographers that are relatively known will generally cost more than someone who is just starting.

The pricing can be anywhere between 500$ – 10000$ or even more in some cases. In the end, it all comes down to what you are willing to spend on photography.

What if you like the style of someone and get along well? Will you invest some more even if it`s over your budget for wedding photography? You will spend a lot of money on a wedding in general, but wedding photography is indeed not the area where you should want to save money. Couples spend so much on decoration, food, clothing. All of these things will not matter in years to come.

The only thing with a specific value are the wedding photos. There is no price tag for memories that you will cherish forever. The most crucial wedding moments in your life need to be captured in a way that will bring joy to you, your children and even grandchildren.

We see a lot of couples that are unhappy with their images because they simply wanted to save some money. Do not choose your wedding photographer just because they are cheap!

How to choose a wedding photographer

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No blind dates, please

Do us a favor and meet your wedding photographer before the wedding. If you are not from the area and there is no opportunity to meet in person, just set up a video chat. You can write e-mails as long as you want, but there is no better way to see how well you connect than seeing each other eye to eye.

You will immediately know if the person you are talking to is a good option or not. Once a connection is made, please try to speak at least 2-3 times with each other. This will help you gain more trust. It will also make it so much easier for both of you on the wedding day.

Some couples hire the wedding planner to organize a photographer without ever talking to them before the wedding. While it can work, you are surely not the biggest fan of a blind date.

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Do not copy and paste

It should be clear by now that the better the connection to your photographer is, the better the images will turn out. Let us jump back straight to the beginning for now. If you are playing with the idea to write up an email that you will send ou to multiple photographers at once, think twice, please.

The more personal you make it, the more the photographer will appreciate that. The response you get will also be way more than just three sentences. Describe your wedding day, tell them why you like their images in particular and take the time to show them your appreciation.

The wedding photography community is connected pretty well together, and it might look weird if you send out the same words to a bunch of people that know each other.

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Moments over mountains

We get easily blinded by beautiful couples in front of an epic landscape. These images surely look good on Instagram, but what deeper meaning do they have? Do us a favor and never judge a wedding photographer by their hero shots.

Good wedding photography is about capturing the moments that matter. A deep embrace with your parents, a tear rolling down your eyes during the ceremony, the joy of a party with your friends. All of these images matter way more in the bigger picture than you two kissing in front of a waterfall for example.

In the end, this is what good wedding photography comes down to. This is what it has always been and should be. Your wedding photographer needs to pull off the moments as well. If he can do that, he won’t have a problem with the mountains for sure!

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How to choose a wedding photographer

All of the above should def help you with your search. There are more things to consider for sure, but the points that we made are the most important ones.

If you are lost in finding someone that you like, you might want to check out our “Photographers Near Me” list that hosts a lot of talented artists.

If you do not find what you are looking for, just send us an email to and let us know more about what you want. Tell us your style and your budget, and we will run your inquiry through our channels so we will find your perfect match.