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Urban Photography – Feeling the pulse of a city

Urban Photography // Every city has its own story to tell. After staying for a bit, you start feeling the vibes of the city you are currently visiting. It’s like diving into a new adventure and you begin to observe. You may watch different people the way they dress and how they behave in daily life in their city. Maybe you are more interested in admiring the beautiful architecture the city is famous for. Every one of us takes on this city adventure in different ways. Some want to become a part of this city and its vibes, and lifestyle as long as they stay there. Others enjoy being the part who observe the daily rush happening on the streets.

This is what Urban Photography means to us and tries to narrate. It can be about the people and their personal stories and fates taking place in this city. Just like that Urban Photography can recap the history and development of a town as well when you focus on unique buildings, which might be full of history and represent the look of the city.

Anna Dovgopolaya –


urban photography

Antonio Barberena –


Connie Zhou –


urban photography

Conor Brennan –


Danny Birrell –


Hayley Lynn Martin –


Hanna Walkowaik –


urban photography

Johnie Emma Gall – Facebook Site


Jordan Vines Overton –


Lindsey Delisle Prosperie –


urban photography

Luke Andrew Flint –



Magda Kryjak –


urban photography

Maikel Claassen –


Marzena Hans –


urban photography

Melissa Bissell –


Melissa Runyon –


urban photography

Mike Sidofsky –


urban photography

Mitchell van Eijk –


Sarah Ellis –


Sarah Kelley –


Sinead Dubeau –

urban photography


Tomas Lazorik –


Tyler Gay –


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