The best Bridal Portraits in 2018 that will last forever

Bridal Portraits that will last forever

Bridal Portraits // Both have been waiting a long time until the wedding day has finally come. And today is the day. They are going to marry their most favorite person in life. But before that, there have been a lot of things to organize first. The date for the wedding, the venue, guest list, catering, photographer and of course finding these wonderful clothes which both want to wear on the wedding day. They are feeling more beautiful today than ever before and can’t wait to see each other back again to get married.

Our LOOKSLIKEFILM photographers are simply the best when it comes to capturing the beautiful details of a bride & groom. This blog post is all about bridal portraits. See how our community create pure magic capturing those breathtaking photos of the beautiful bride and her amazing wedding dress. Every single image is full of emotion and story – created to be remembered forever.


bridal portraits

Alexandre Bigliazzi –


Alicia Grote –


Alisha Maureen Toole –


bridal portraits

Amy Booker –


Angie McCabe –


Ashley Hayes –


bridal portraits

Christian John O’Reilly –


Cornel Spoiala –


Dmytro Sobokar –


bridal portraits

Eric Floberg –


bridal portraits

Esteban Gil –


Ewelina Zieba –



Irina Ionescu –


bridal portraits

Klodia Wolinska –


Lia Visirin –


bridal portraits

Lina Lin –


Maike Simon –


Marcos Amuedo –


Maurizio Solis –


bridal portraits

Meagan Irene Abell –


Nil Patel –


bridal portraits

Olga Tankova –


Rachael Loren Bernstein –


Rachel Jordan –


Steph Segars –


Summer Leigha Ghantous –


bridal portraits

Xulio Pazo –


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