Newborn Photos – Our best LLF Photographers in 2018

Newborn Photos – The Best of 2018

Newborn Photos // A new life is born. From this day on a new chapter begins for everyone — the newborn baby, the parents, family members, and even for our friends. The weird thing is that somehow time is running so fast after a baby is born. There are a lot of new things you might have to learn when you become parents for the very first time. Or maybe you have to re-structure your day because it’s your second or third kid. It can be a lot of things which give you the feeling that the days and weeks are merely passing by super fast.

Moreover, you also know that especially your sweet baby will grow quickly and these moments of the first days and weeks after birth are super unique and memorable. Needless to say that you should take the chance and capture these beautiful moments. Take your time and enjoy these following beautiful newborn photos by our best LLF Newborn Photographers.

Aga Tetera –


Newborn Photos

Amanda Buckthorpe –


Brittany Gordon –


Chris Trimble –


Chrissy Allred –


Newborn Photos

Christy Morgan –


Diana Hinek –


Diane Braxatoris –


Newborn Photos

Elliana Allon –


Newborn Photos

Emma Jane –


Hailey B. Brotcke –


Newborn Photos

Holly Stocks –


Jennifer Russell –


Newborn Photos

Jesse Salter –



Jessica Young –


Julie Crawford –


Katie Whalen-Kelly –


Newborn Photos

Kaitlin Brantner –


Newborn Photos

Katt van den Oever –


Newborn Photos

Krissy Vance –


Newborn Photos

Laura Elizabeth Wood –


Lorianna Weathers –


Melissa Bissell –




Newborn Photos

Rachel Farganis –


Sarah Hoven –


Newborn Photos

Sasha Douglas –


Suzi Mitchell –


Tine van den Bogerd –


All of these fantastic artists are the best choice if you are looking for the best family photographer.
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Wedding Photographer – Matthias Jaworski


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  1. Anita Vancek

    Lot of beautiful pics .
    Congratulation Diane Bracatoris !

  2. Subrina Sullivan

    Beautiful newborn pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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