Drone Photography – The 14 Most Thrilling Photos In 2018

Drone Photography – The 14 most thrilling photos in 2018

Drone Photography // The best LLF Photographers of 2018: Taking images with a drone is getting more and more popular. As a photographer, you get the possibility to shoot your photos from a new point of view. You can expand your variety of taking images and create something new and fascinating. Not only you get the satisfaction of creating breathtaking and impressive photos, but your clients will love the results for sure.

Through the last few years, the drones got smaller, and nowadays it’s way easier to carry them with you. Besides that, it is just wonderful that you can use drones in nearly every field of photography. No matter if you’re shooting wedding photos, a family session or simply love taking excellent photos of beautiful landscapes and nature.

Enough of the talking now. It is time to scroll down and to see the best LLF drone photography artists and their amazing pictures from 2018!

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drone photography

Adam Robinson – www.facebook.com/welldonebacon


drone photography

Christian John O’Reilly – www.itsfireandice.com


Doux Glace – www.sweeticecream.fr


Dru Dodd – www.Drudodd.com


drone photography

Esteban Gil – www.egilphoto.com


Justyna Filinska – www.studioinspiracja.com.pl


drone photography

Kris Livid – www.Instagram.com/krislivid



drone photography

Krzysztof Krawczyk – www.krzysztofmemories.pl


Michael Schauer – www.michaelschauer.com


Missie Collins Lafrenz – www.missielafrenzphotography.com


Patryk Brulinski – www.patrykbrulinski.pl


Raluca Popa – www.rotundperfect.ro




drone photography

Yakaly Di Roma – www.itsfireandice.com


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