Zion National Park Wedding

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Zion National Park Wedding

Zion National Park Wedding // LOOKSLIKEFILM Pro member Angie McCabe shared a beautiful elopement which she captured in the stunning desert of Utah. But not only the images are just fantastic. Mikayla, the bride, is also an amazing photographer and a member of our community as well. However,  let’s hear the impressions of Angie about this special day in the Zion National Park.

“I never had the opportunity to meet Mikayla or Harley until the day of their beautiful and intimate wedding in Zion National Park, Utah. For years, I have known Mikayla through the online wedding community — it’s amazing how close-knit this big old photographer community is. No matter how many borders and miles between us, we are all brought together over the same passion for human connection and documenting lives. Mikayla is an amazing wedding photographer based out of Alberta, and you should definitely check out her work.

When asked to photograph other wedding photographer’s weddings, it is not only flattering, but you feel the need to go above and beyond to produce some epic content. The thing is though, on a wedding day no matter who the couple is they’re just two people in love — a bride and groom (or groom and groom, or bride and bride). It wasn’t until I eloped and hired one of my favorite photographers to photograph my wedding day until I realized, “wow, I’m JUST a bride today.” There is a sense of trust, and you are just able to fully enjoy your day and not think about all the little things that photographers tend to focus on during a wedding.”

About Zion National Park

“After the ceremony, we bombed off to Zion National Park. Although I did my best, I still feel like there is no camera that can truly capture how magnificent Zion National Park is. Its vast mountains and unique vegetation make it feel surreal. I have never felt so small. Winding roads, rich colors, intricate patterns in the rocks… so many beautiful things to distract you while driving! Later, we headed to the Pink Coral Sand Dunes. It has been on my bucket list to shoot in dunes, and it came to life that day. The perfect sunset and the rich colors of the sand were amazing. The only thing I have to warn you about sand dunes is your legs get a major workout when trekking through them! #totallyworthit”


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The Team:

Dress:  Tanya Grig Bridal
Custom alterations: Anika Somerville  
Makeup Artist: Cherisa MUA
Florist: Haper Florals
Hair: Hair by Double AA
Baskets/ceremony decor: Home Sense
Harley’s Jacket: Le Chateau
Jeans: Levis
Table/chairs: St. George Party Rentals


Zion National Park Wedding


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