The Best LLF Animals Photos of 2018

The most beautiful animal pictures of 2018

Animal Pictures // The best Photographers of 2018: As we all know – we are not alone on this planet. This post is all about the beautiful furry friends we share space with on earth. Some of them are wild and dangerous and some others are friendly so we can even share our homes with them. However, taking images of these beautiful animals is tough and way different than having a photoshoot with a human being. These challenges make it unique, how the following artists created these stunning images of animals and pets.

Sit back, relax and take a look at the best LLF Photographers and their amazing animal pictures from 2018!

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animal pictures

Aoife O’Sullivan –


Angyalosi Beata –


April Visel –


Aurel Constantin Paduraru –


Brianna Rannells –


animal pictures

Cat Ekkelboom-White –


Dana Walton –


animal pictures

Edu Hernandez –


animal pictures

Elizabeth Ashley –


Fiona Yates –


Florian Wenzel –


animal pictures

Grace Boyd –


Grzegorz Rynski –ński-Photography


animal pictures

Hanna Walters –


Heather Jarrell –



Jessica Nystrom –


John Gravy –


Karen Osdieck –


Maggie McGillivray –


Michele Schiermann –


Momcilo Grujic –


Nadine Berns –


animal pictures

Paula Suzana Ribeiro –


Rachel Bond –


Rebecca Kennedy Clair –


animal pictures

Sabra McKibbon –


Sarita White –


Shelley Reis –


animal pictures

Sonya Elizabeth –


Tran Le Duc –


animal pictures

Trey Wallace –


Angyalosi Beata –


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    these are awesome. but…you HAVE to see Guadalupe’s work!!

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