Birth of a Child – A Mother’s Perspective

Birth of a Child – A Mother’s Perspective by Lisa Aamot

Birth of a child// Birth Photographer Lisa Aamot, one of our Best Birth Photography Artist of 2018, wanted to share some words about the way giving birth, changed the way she sees life.

The art of giving birth is nothing short of magic. If I’m honest though, I used to sit right in the middle of the camp that wanted nothing to do with birth photography. That is until I became a mother myself.

I have given birth twice now, and although it may sound strange, those two days will forever be my favorite days in this lifetime. There’s no perfect words or way to really describe what takes place in a birth room – unless you have gone through it, or been a witness to its magic. 

Becoming a mother has changed the way I photograph life. I see the beauty of it from the lens that only a mother can see through. I know first hand how fleeting those moments are.


The pain of labor feels long and exhausting, but the moment you lay eyes on that impossibly small human, it’s a split second you endured. None of the pain matters. I know first hand that strange feeling of a wet hot baby on your chest will become something you will miss deep in your bones.

Those first split seconds of saying hello to someone that already knows you so well. In some beautiful way, you are meeting the most familiar stranger. 

There are some images of birth that capture that unspeakable beauty. Those powerful moments of agony intertwined with relief and bliss close to the birth of a child. Every time I capture motherhood I find myself focused on the emotion.

On the tiny details, and the in-betweens. The seemingly unimportant moments that pass so quickly they fall between the cracks of our memory – like a partner lending their hand to be squeezed, or the moment a mother first lays eyes on her child.

One day that same mother will wake up to a pitter patter of tiny feet sneaking off to make a mess. One day that same mother will wake up to a grown child that has no trace of sweet thigh rolls or wrinkles in strange places.

That mother should have moments captured to look back on and hold onto. To find comfort, and a small slice of the magic she once experienced. That is my goal as a mother. To give other mothers a concrete bit of that magic back.

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