Your Perfect Sunday


This weeks topic: Your perfect Sunday (#yourperfectsunday)

Your Perfect Sunday

Three months prior to Sunday, January 21st: I send a totally not creepy message to a random guy on Instagram saying “Hey! Totally not creepy- but you and your wife (I don’t know why I thought this I saw a photo of them at a wedding and assumed it was theirs) are ADORABLE and look so in love. I’m a photographer and would love if you guys would be willing to model for me in a couple’s shoot sometime in the next few months!” Colin replied within a few minutes “She’s actually not my wife YET, but thank you so much! I’m actually planning on buying a ring in the next month or two. Could I maybe pay you to shoot the proposal instead?”

Three weeks prior to Sunday, January 21st: Colin spends WEEKS collecting all different antiques to fill a friend’s empty barn, styling it all by himself and making it look like a cozy cabin for the “styled shoot” Julia thinks she’s about to participate in.

Sunday, January 21st: It’s cold and sunny and there’s a light dusting of snow in the cozy quiet corner of Connecticut no one knows about. We spend the morning at a diner and then wandering around the property shooting. We make our way up to the loft of the barn and I ask Julia to look out the window. Switch the music on the Bluetooth speaker to “January Wedding” by the Avett Brothers. That’s the cue. He takes a deep breath with his eyes welling up (I’m already full-blown crying at this point that’s not an exaggeration) and kneels down behind her. Taps her on the shoulder and…

your perfect sunday

…it was the absolute most perfect Sunday.

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Your Perfect Sunday

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