Forest Boudoir Session

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Forest Boudoir Session

by Josée Lamarre


Forest Boudoir Session

Hey Josée! Tell us a little bit more about your stunning Forest Boudoir Session!

This intimate session took place in a Bavarian forest in Germany. It was amazing. The forest was full of ferns and we also found a beautiful little river. We were shooting at the end of the day. I simply love to shoot with the soft light in the evening. It makes everything a little bit more mysterious and sensual.

Forest Boudoir Session

I think a boudoir couple session is a different and beautiful way to remember the love between two loving humans years later. And I do believe that this kind of photoshoot has to be shot in a really sensually way.

Forest Boudoir session

Aesthetic and sensuality are two important things in my photography. I like to represent love and tenderness in a deeply sensual, romantic and cinematic way. Therefore, I love to make such session out there in nature. It feels raw, pure and intense.

Forest Boudoir Session

What about the gear? What did you use at this session?

I shot this whole session with a Nikon D750. Additional to this I used two lenses, the Sigma 35mm 1.4 and Sigma 50 mm 1.4.

Forest Boudoir Session

Josée Lamarre



Forest Boudoir Session

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