Multicultural Australia Wedding full of Emotions and Energy

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Multicultural Australia Wedding

Multicultural Australia Wedding/ Our group barely sees wedding videos with so many likes and comments like the amazing video from Agapé Stories.
The majority of us has not been around during the wedding but just looking at the video should make anyone watching feel like being a part of it. So much energy and love throughout the entire day and the mix of Malaysian & Nigerian cultures make this wedding stand out among others.

Who better than Lauri Miriam from Agapé Stories that captured this masterpiece could tell us more about this multicultural Australia wedding.

When Robyn & Efe approached me and told me their wedding was going to be a mix of Western, Malaysian and Nigerian cultures. From the first meeting, I could tell they had so much love for each other; they weren’t afraid to look into each other’s eyes and really connect, which is something I don’t see often to this extent.

The wedding itself was even better than I’d imagined: Robyn read Efe’s letter to her in the morning and she already teared up. Efe cried several times during the day, even though Robyn had never seen him cry before in the six years that they had been together at that point.

The wedding ended with a Malaysian toast and a Nigerian dance party in traditional Nigerian clothes: it was the best kind of madness.
Venue: The Grounds of Alexandria 
Photographer: IZO Photography
His suit: Brooks Brothers
Florals: The Grounds Florals by Silva
Cake: Gracious Honey
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