Boho Elopement

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Boho Elopement – Love Train

by Ashley Hayes


Boho Elopement

Hey Ashley! Tell us a little bit more about your stunning Boho Elopement!

This session was a dream. Every thing about it was straight up perfection in my eyes. I wanted the shoot to be simple but elegant.The inspiration for the styled elopement was the dress! It was created by Trista Smith. 

Boho Elopement

So my hair and makeup team decided subtleties with little pops of character was the way to go. So, Erika Appel, went for a half-up half-down look while creating a headband of braids with Jade’s hair. Sarah Jerger, made sure Jade’s natural features were the highlight and just enhanced her gorgeous features and then added a beautiful rosy lip color.

Boho Elopement

Florals were done by Alison Wiebe, she came up with the most beautiful whimsical bouquet ever, with so many unique looking flowers.

Boho Elopement

Boho Elopement

Awesome! And who is the couple? 

These two gorgeous human beings are Jade & Zack and probably the only reason this session was as amazing as it was. The love they have for each other is amazing! They have the sweetest souls.

Boho Elopement

Where took this Boho Elopement session place?

This wonderful session took place up at Artist Point, in Washington State. It brings all those glorious PNW vibes! 

Boho Elopement

What about your gear? What did you use at this session?

I used the Canon 6D and a Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art.

Boho Elopement

Ashley Hayes



Boho Elopement

The Team

Dress – Trista Smith – Reclamation

Hair – Erika Appel – Crowns of Gold

Makeup – Sarah Jerger – Jerger SFX

Florals – Alison Wiebe – Alison M Wiebe


Boho Elopement


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Boho Elopement

Boho Elopement


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