World of Pets VI

World Of Pets is a collection of several amazing images, which have been featured in our LOOKSLIKEFILM Pets group last month.


You love animals and are even capturing them with your camera? Perfect – This is what LOOKSLIKEFILM Pets is all about. Documenting the life of our best friends. Showing their beauty, wildness and sometimes their craziness that fill our hearts with love and laugh! See all the images from thousands of amazing artists all over the world.

Be sure to join our community if you want to contribute your images to our site. Maybe we can include some of your amazing images in one of our future LOOKSLIKEFILM Pets updates here on the website.




Ajtai Krisztina –


Ajtai Krisztina –


Ajtai Krisztina –


Christine Singleton


Caitlin Swanson –


courtney taylor –


Dana Walton –


Denise Czichocki –


Donna Irene –


Elizabeth Ashley Photography –


Erin Hassett –


Jasmine Andressen – VSCO –


Kayla Ross –


Kelcey Olson –


Kelly Boston –


Kierra Mellenthin –



Michelle Bosch –


Michelle Bosch –


Morgan Pirkle –


pierre atelier – kodak 160 –


Samantha Hickey – Meridian Hero 01 –


Sara Sell –


Shannon Burrell –


If you are interested in Pets Photography and enjoyed our “World Of Pets” feature be sure to join our first ever upcoming Pets Photography contest soon! We will have some super cool prizes for the winning images. So keep an eye open for the next pets features and also follow the awesome feed in the LOOKSLIKEFILM Pets group and on Instagram, to see the amazing images of our community and to get notified when the Best of Pets 2018 contest is going to start.

Just one last thing at the end. If you are booked for a shoot with pets & animals and need some spontaneous inspiration – check out our Inspiration Wall and as a Pro Member you are able to filter the categories to animals and/or pets to gain some inspiration. Have fun!

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