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Artist of the Month – Vicki Moyer

A few weeks ago someone set a new milestone in the history of our LOOKSLIKEFILM community. A single image received in our Facebook group the biggest amount of likes ever. It is the most popular image and it completely blew off our minds. We all need to know more about this photographer who wrote history within our LOOKSLIKEFILM community. Folks, please stand up for the amazing Vicki Moyer from Pennsylvania!


How old are you and where are you from?

I am 32 years old and I am based in central Pennsylvania, but love traveling.


Tell us a little bit about your life in the moment?

I split my time between a fulltime interior design job, a fulltime photography business and a family life. I hope to be solely photography by the end of 2019!


How did you end up being a photographer?

I have always loved photography and having memories from my childhood. Almost 6 years ago, I had a daughter and wanted to provide beautiful memories for her. My passion for storytelling grew from there. I found myself loving to capture the emotion between couples and the documentation of weddings.


Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I hope to still be storytelling, capturing love while traveling the world collecting experiences.


What gear are you currently using?

I am a Canon girl. I still adore my 6D, though also shoot on a MarkIII. I have a variety of lens, but always favor my Sigma Art 35mm.


What advice could you give out to a new starting photographer?

You will grow so much. Be open to the process and don’t worry about how amazing other people are. Don’t compare yourself to the seasoned photographers, chances are they have been where you are.


Take their work and be inspired, try new things and take risks! Even when you become that photographer you aspire to be, still push past your comfort zone.


What were your thoughts after you have realized your image is the one with the most likes in the history of the LOOKSLIKEFILM Facebook group?

HOLY ****! But more so than all the likes, were all the amazing comments about really accepting the subject matter. It’s amazing to be part of a community that is not only tolerant of interracial couples, but really celebrates the beauty in it. All the love is so amazing and I am very grateful to everyone.


Did the LLF community changed the way you see or shoot weddings, couples, families etc..?

I am always blown away by the immense amount of talent in the community. Everyone is so inspiring and it really pushes be to think outside the box of my creativity.


What plans do you have for 2018?

Photographing couples and weddings. I have been second shooting, exploring my creativity. As well as traveling as much as possible! I have made a tight knit group of photography friends and we try to explore new places as much as possible. Earlier this year we visited the PNW, last week we were in Mexico, later this year I will be visiting Banff and Colorado! I want to travel at least twice as much next year!



Vicki Moyer





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