Ghost Town Session



“Hey Hannah!¬†Tell us a little bit about this couple and your session.”

“This session took place in a really cool location, its a “ghost town” formerly called Alder, Washington. The town flooded over 70 years ago and was completely wiped out. Now the area where the town used to sit is a 7 mile wide man made lake which was created by the construction of the alder dam.


In the summer, for miles around, this area is covered by over 20 feet of glacier water, how ever in the winter the dam “drains” the lake and almost the entire river clears out and you can literally walk for miles across the bottom of the lake. You can even walk between the 5 islands that sit in the middle of the lake.


Bethany and Caleb, the couple, are good friends of mine. They both met doing musical theatre together. They are both dancers (which in my opinion translates to great models!). They are truly some of the most fun loving and sweet people I know! And they are always down for an adventure (such as getting caked in mud while doing a photoshoot at the bottom of a river!).”


“What gear did you use?”

I shoot on the Canon 5D Mark IV, for this shoot I mostly used the Sigma 35mm Art lens and the Canon 50mm 1.4 lens. For editing I used many heavily tweaked variations of LXC 04.


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