The Golden Hour


The Golden Hour

“I know we are young but we have the kind of love that could last forever. Let us grow together, our roots intertwined and our souls merged.”

The Golden Hour

“Hey Kate! Tell us a little bit about this couple and your session.”

Young love is one of life’s sweetest gifts.

After marrying my own high school sweetheart and having his beautiful, then, 10 year old cousin Lindsey as our flower girl, I was all too happy to capture the love she now shares with her own high school sweet heart, Kevin.

The Golden Hour

These love birds have been nurturing their beautiful bond and friendship since they were just young pups. She was the all american, soccer playing, sun bathing good girl next door. He was the UFC fighting, dirt bike riding bad boy we all warned her to steer clear from and yet love found a healthy place to grow.

The Golden Hour

It all began when Kevin wrestled with her older brother in high school and made the first move while Lindsey was keeping score for one of their meets. Like most young love stories, theirs came with a break up somewhere in the middle and yet a party bump in and a Snapchat from Lindsey got the fires burning again until we arrive to current day.

The Golden Hour

These two will be making promises of marriage to one another this fall, here in northern California witnessed by their own flower girl, ( their 2 year old daughter) Teigen Rae as well as many friends and family.

The Golden Hour

My husband will be their officiant and needless to say, we are all very happy Lindsey chose Kevin and that God has continued to bless and guide their love story and blossoming family.

The Golden Hour

“What gear did you use?”

Nikon D750
Sigma art 35


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