Beach Couple Session



“Hey Brittany! Tell us a little bit about this couple and your session.”

“One early afternoon on a Thursday, I was sitting on the beach alone and I saw this couple running around being young and free, puffing and passing a joint, taking selfies — ya know, basically doing vacation the right way.


I told myself I’m just going to walk up to them and hand them my business card and tell them if they ever wanted to shoot some stuff to contact me (I’m super awkward).

I wasn’t sure if they were local or on vacation, because the beach we were at is usually crowded by locals, but surprisingly, later that day they actually shot me a text to book me!


They were from North Carolina and they really wanted some photos while they were here in Florida. I told her my price and then we shot these amazing photos the very next day at sunrise.

To be honest, I had no expectations for them or for myself. They were very young but still very mature.


I was however, excited to see if i had it in me to capture that young care free love that they exuded on the day I first met them. Was I able to get those moments?? Can I do this..??  I just kept saying that to myself.

I knew if i stayed focused and aware of the emotions I was trying to capture all would fall into place.


So from the moment I picked my camera up. It was instant. There they were, laughing and running around— grabbing one another.

Man, They totally shocked me, I was dying to photograph what they were doing and here was my moment!
I think I shocked myself more than anything. Honestly, it was a beautiful kick ass morning.”



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