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Half of March is already over, so it is the right time now to introduce you the beautiful work of Carey Nash, a husband, father and passionate photographer from Canada. If you are looking for inspiration and stunning places all around the world, you should definitely check out the amazing images of Carey, who has travelled to more than 75 countries and inspires our community with his beautiful work day by day.


How old are you and where are you from?

I am proud to say that I just had my 40th birthday and I live in Alberta in Western Canada.  I know, pretty old.  I think my first camera has a bird that sketched prints on stone in it. (Flintstone fans will get


Tell us a little bit about your life in the moment?

My life at the moment consists of raising three young children and operating a full-time photography business.  As we speak I’m trying to find another back-up method to back up my other back-up method. Redundancy can not be overstated with saving images.haha


How did you end up being a photographer?

Have you ever watched your friends go to college and then you just sell your crappy pick-up truck and fly to Europe?  Well that was me.  At the time it seemed like I had no idea what to do with my life but did feel the need to head out alone and explore.

I backpacked around the world for the better part of 10 years in my twenties and along the way on one trip I was so very fortunate to spend many months with a Danish photographer and French artist.   These two were so extremely talented and open minded and truly gave me a new vision on how to look at the world.


I had purchased my first film DSLR in Asia and with their help gradually learned more about the craft. I never thought it would turn into a career but every time I would return home I would have a few rolls of film to show for my experiences.  I was raised in a very small northern town so coming home from very remote places around the world was very exciting for many of my close friends. It was because of my them and my family’s support and push that I decided to pursue photography.


Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

20 years from now seems like a long time but I truly hope I still have my hands on some futuristic camera that takes pictures and also makes cheeseburgers at the same time (patent pending).  Photography is more than just it’s a career, it’s a lifestyle and I just want to be involved, still traveling,  and always telling a story.   If everything goes right I’ll be living in a cabin in the mountains with my wife and then 30 year old Tacoma.  The kids better have moved out by then.haha


What gear are you currently using?

I went back and forth between Nikon, the Fuji x-series and back to Nikon over the past two years. I have a number of reasons why but over the years I waffle on what works best for my workflow.   I can no longer travel with large DSLR’s as they are just dang heavy to backpack (for me) and I love how compact the Xpro 2 is. So, I tend to go between the two systems throughout the year as I travel as light as possible for destinations and as heavy as needed for local work.


What advice could you give out to a new starting photographer?

I have a couple pieces of advice that I think might be important. The first is that you have to treat this art form like a business in order to be successful. You are going to have years where you think the good times will never end and then you may have a year where things don’t go so well and you consider switching careers. We all have these times but perseverance and good trusted friends will help you along the way. Treat your clients and your peers with respect and they’ll do the same.

For me personally, the most important realization I have had in my 10+ years was that I have never felt better about my business then when I was true to myself and transparent.  Once I was honest about who I am and what I loved, it was then it started to show through my work.   I’m not going to appeal to everyone, but that’s ok.


Did the LLF community changed the way you see or shoot boudoir/weddings etc?

The greatest thing I have enjoyed through LLF is the display of raw and real emotion that all the artists convey. The work I see daily inspires me daily to find that in my own clients.


What plans do you have for this year?

I will be traveling for much of 2017 again as most of the year I work throughout the mountains in Western Canada and I’m also feeling very fortunate enough to have a few trips to Europe.  The rest of the year is spent with family by my fire pit in our backyard or with family at the lake.


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