Before & After with Matteo Lomonte

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As we all know, often photography is more about problem-solving than anything else – transforming difficult, challenging circumstances and conditions into something compelling or beautiful or true. And this image is a perfect example of this process. Matteo took those proverbial lemons and made some delicious lemonade.

No doubt.

Matteo. You. Go!

I was born in 1983 in a wonderful town in South East Italy. Puglia. I took my first picture in 2011, at the beginning to escape from reality. Later, when I turned my camera to people, I’ve felt the necessity because it was like talk about me, through their emotions. Straightaway I decided to tell and talk about people on their most important day, and so I moved myself to the Wedding Photography. 

I love to travel, to discover, and say something new in every occasion, that’s why I do weddings, not only in my region, but also in Italy and Europe, and soon in other continents, I hope.

By what artists/creatives are you influenced? What inspires you?

I don’t know if  “inspire” is the right verb, I like a lots of photographer, but I think that taken a bit from everyone is my way to learn, even those who have a totally different way of working compared with me.

Do you have a vision in mind before going out and shooting? Tell us about about what gear you uses and your workflow, how you crafted the image, both on set and in post.

Almost never do I have an image before working. I like to feel energies and emotions and myself fully inhabit the place where I’m going to take pictures. But, if I already know some details, I start to visualize images in my mind.

My workflow has nothing special. I realize the pictures while I’m shooting, knowing what I want for later. I use lightroom for a post production – very simple and I use personalized preset films.

Now tell us how this amazing image came together, from conception to completion.

This image has shown up for necessity. We were in front of the Colosseum at 5 o’clock pm, full of tourists, full of advertising stands and other disturbing objects. I only wanted a photo with the couple and the Colosseum. Soon I  thought of a kind of reflection to eliminate the part below and to be honest I did a great job, but it wasn’t enough. I was looking for more, and after that the photo popped up in my mind. As you can see from the RAW files that I’ve sent, at the end I only did a colour correction, contrast, and a light crop.

The final picture was what I wanted, without knowing it.

Mouse over the image for that sweet B&A magic!

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