SHOW YOUR GEAR – Azulclarito Casiblanco R. Varela

Who are you? Introduce yourself and tell us what kind of photography you are into!

My name is Thais, I am 31 years old and I am from the north of Spain. I have been working as a photographer for 4 years now.

My work could be defined as “personal”. I take photographies of my environment, everyday things/common things… or just images that come to my mind which I need to put on paper (o illustrate)/I feel the necessity/need to capture them.
Portraits are also a part of my job that I like to emphasize./When it comes to my work, portraits stand out. I love making portraits. The reason why I love them it’s a mystery I need to find out. I should think about it consciously. I find it quite poor to just say “because I love making them”.
Human beings express millions of feelings and sensations that words sometimes can not explain.
To me, taking a picture of them is like decoding a part of these human beings. It is a way that allows you to keep forever a small piece of each.


Which Camera(s) do you use?

I only work with one camera I bought after saving many extra dollars. It is a Canon Eos 5D.
Its contrasts and standard color fascinates me. The only negative point is its small screen and only admits Compact Flash which is far too expensive. 

What are your lenses? What do you like about them?

I have bought several objectives through the years before I find the appropriate one.

You could find in my bag a 50mm f1.8 or a 85mm f1.8 or a 24-70 f4. I finally sold them all to buy the one I am using today in any occasion, a 35mm f1.4 Sigma Art. It has a really quick focusing and an awesome image quality. Its focal length allows you to take a good picture of any situation whether it is a portrait or a landscape, for example.


Which is your favorite lens and why?

Read above. This is why my Canon 5D always goes with my 35mm, until death do them part!

What do you use for carrying your Equipment? Bags, Straps tell us everything!

I use a basic backpack. I have not tried belts or straps. I thinkmy backpack is enough to carry my camera.


What´s your favorite “everyday” Camera?

I only own one camer and that is my beloved 5d classic.

What are your Accessories? Tripod(s), Flash, Filter etc.?

When I started photography, I was really interested by the “Strobist method”, this is why I have several flashes, remote controls, tripods… But through the years, I realized that kind of photography did not match with the way I see things. Now, I only use the sunlight and a small led light that helps me to illuminate by night.

But the truth is I am not a fan of night photography.


Which Computer System do you use? Mac or PC? Why?

Mac OsX. Just because.

Where do you edit? On your Desktop? On your couch while drinking beer? On the road?

I usually edit at home. I sold my Tv because I did not use it, so my Mac took its place. This is were I edit, in my living room. No beer, but a lot of coffee.


Which editing software do you use? Lightroom, PS, Capture One? Anything else?

Lightroom, always. It offers all you need to develop and edit photographs. I believe PS has too many tools andit may be more focused on graphic design work.

Tablet or mouse for editing?

Mouse, it´s the only thing i use.


Favorite Music while editing?

Normally, when I am editing I enjoy listening instrumental or ambient music. I love Jazz, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Fitzgerald… It depends on the day.

To gain fluidity in my work, I prefer listening to inspiring music rather than songs that could distract me.

What is on your whishlist?

My wishlist is completely dedicate to myself. I don´t make a living out of photography, but i want to give my pictures the final leap this year. And that´s why i want to learn, learn, learn and meet people.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity!





This articel has been written by Sven Malojlo | Portrait- & Weddingphotographer

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