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 Junebug Team, Photo by © Jess Jolin Junebug Team, Photo by © Jess Jolin For those in the wedding industry, Junebug Weddings is a familiar name. Based in Austin, Junebug was formed in 2006 and is now one of the leading international wedding blogs. With a strong membership of over 1000 (by invite only and carefully selected), Junebug strives to bring a list of quality vendors to couples tying the knot. So we bring to you a special interview with Junebug Weddings to reveal what it takes to be the world’s leading wedding resource, and where Junebug predicts the Wedding industry will be in 10 years’ time.

1. Why Junebug? When was it founded and what got you started on this?

Junebug Weddings was founded by two Seattle wedding photographers back in 2006. Junebug‘s original purpose was to provide brides in the Seattle area with a quality list of wedding vendors to hire for their wedding day. Over time, Junebug has blossomed into a popular wedding planning resource that not only maintains a quality list of vendors for couples, but is also home to an internationally read blog.  Mark Pacura © Mark Pacura ©

2. Is your membership open to worldwide applications? How many members do you have right now?

Yes, we are an international wedding planning resource. While we are exclusive in that we only promote 10 photographers, florists, etc. in any given region, we do promote professionals from all around the world. We currently boast a membership of over 1,000 vendors worldwide and we’re always looking to add up-and-coming talent to our top 10 lists.  Joseph West ©


Joseph West ©

3. How do you derive a top 10 list given that there are so many fantastic vendors in the market worldwide?

This is definitely one of the most difficult parts of the job. There are many factors that go into deciding whether or not a vendor meets our membership criteria. We don’t just review photos and websites before accepting a member. Reviews, industry connections, the longevity of the business, etc., are all equally important in deciding if a business is a good fit for a top 10 list. We want our vendors to be embedded and completely credible in their market prior to calling them one of the 10 best vendors in their given region.  Douglas Polle ©


Douglas Polle ©

4. Are the memberships renewable annually?

Yes, our memberships run for 12-months and are renewable at that time.  Catalina Jean ©


Catalina Jean ©

5. Where are the majority of your vendors based, most in the US?

As Junebug got its start in the US, we definitely have a larger percentage of vendors listed in the US. However, we do boast large member bases in the UK, Italy, and France.  Lover of Mine ©


Lover of Mine ©

6. What keeps Junebug awake at night?

We are constantly thinking of ways we can make wedding planning easier and more enjoyable for couples.  Matt Lien ©


Matt Lien ©

7. Can you briefly describe who reads Junebug?

Our readers appreciate artistry and photography. They are couples who are planning a wedding that truly reflects their personality as a couple.  Julie Pepin ©


Julie Pepin ©

8. How would you describe a typical day at Junebug?

Lots of emailing, writing, and browsing the web! We also like to kick back with some wine and cheese after a long day. You might say that cheese is Junebug‘s kryptonite.  Melissa Green ©


Melissa Green ©

9. Where do you see Junebug in 5 years time?

A household name for couples planning their wedding. The Refinery29 of the wedding industry.  Robert J Hill ©


Robert J Hill ©

10. Are there any new or exciting things being planned by Junebug?

We’ve got some big things in store for the website. We’re also attending Way Up North in April and we can’t wait to meet tons of people whom we’ve never met in person before! It’s always fun to step out from behind our laptops and get to know these talented artists on a personal level.  Eastlyn Bright ©


Eastlyn Bright ©

BONUS: Where do you see the wedding industry heading in the next 10 years? How would you predict the trend?

More non-traditional weddings, by that I mean more people ditching the white gown, saying I do in a non-standard venue, etc. I think weddings are becoming a space for people who want to express their personalities and really throw unique celebrations of love. I also predict that the wedding industry will boast more diversity.  Look Fotografia ©


Look Fotografia ©  With Love & Embers ©


With Love & Embers ©  Mathias Fast ©


Mathias Fast ©  AJ Ranieri ©


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10 Questions: Junebug