SHOW YOUR GEAR – Iiro Rautiainen

Who are you? Introduce yourself and tell us what kind of photography you are into!

Hello there! I’m Iiro Rautiainen from Finland, guy with a funny beard and addiction to cute cat videos. I do mainly weddings and portraits but on my freetime I love to experiment with some creative composites.

SHOW YOUR GEAR - Iiro Rautiainen


Which Camera(s) do you use?

At the moment I have two Canon 6D’s.

What are your lenses? What do you like about them?

–    Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art
–    Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art
–    Canon EF 85mm f/1.8
–    Canon EF 135 f/2.0 L

For a looong time, I haven’t felt the urge to change any of these lenses or even add anything else to my lens bag. Escpecially in weddings, I’m able to tackle almost every possible situation with these beauties. Wide angle lens might be cool for some shots but I’ve done alright without it.

SHOW YOUR GEAR - Iiro Rautiainen


Which is your favorite lens and why?

This is hard. Depends on the situation. If I look my statistics on what lens I’ve used the most, that must be the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art. It’s surprisingly versatile focal lenght! But the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art on the other hand offers this nice bokeh + neutral look that enjoy using when shooting portraits. Both of them are super sharp even wide open so I might have to break the rules and choose both of them!

What do you use for carrying your Equipment? Bags, Straps tell us everything!

For me, portability is all that matters. I want to be able to easily carry most of my gear on my back. My main camera bag is Lowerpro Pro Runner 350AW. I can fit all my main gear into that so it’s just perfect size. It even fell off from a moving car and all my gear survived without a dent! During wedding shoots, I carry my two camera bodies with this cheap dual strap which name I even don’t know haha.

SHOW YOUR GEAR - Iiro Rautiainen


What´s your favorite “everyday” Camera?

I used to have Fuji X100 and I loved that little beast! But nowadays I have only my Iphone + dSLR kit. If I get an permission, I lend my girlfriend’s Canon EOS M3.

What are your Accessories? Tripod(s), Flash, Filter etc.?

Usually when I shoot portraits, I use off camera flash. My go to setup is Elinchrom 53“ Rotalux + Godox Witstro AD -360. That big octa produces some really soft light, love it big time! Usually when shooting outdoors, I need to use HSS –settings so I have YN – 622C triggers to help me with that. On top of those, I have bunch of color gels, couple of speed lights and some lightstands. When it’s time for long shutter speed shots, I reach for my Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod.

SHOW YOUR GEAR - Iiro Rautiainen


Which Computer System do you use? Mac or PC? Why?

I use Mac. I used to have a PC but something made me change to Mac, not sure why. I know nothing about computers but it just feels more easier to use! And it looks pretty!

Where do you edit? On your Desktop? On your couch while drinking beer? On the road?

I have my Macbook Pro on my desktop with external screen. I usually do the culling part while laying on the couch with my laptop, editing is done with the bigger and better screen.

SHOW YOUR GEAR - Iiro Rautiainen


Which editing software do you use? Lightroom, PS, Capture One? Anything else?

80% of my editing is done in Lightroom CC but whenever I need to do something with layers (retouching, composites, hardcore grading etc) I reach out to Photoshop CC.

Tablet or mouse for editing?

I have a secret for you. I have never used anything else for editing than my laptop’s touchpad. Is it illegal..?

SHOW YOUR GEAR - Iiro Rautiainen


Favorite Music while editing?

There is this really chill Spotify list called ”Afternoon Acoustic”. Really helps in creating that flow feeling when edited photos just fly past you!

What is on your whishlist?

Now that I’ve mentioned it, maybe somekind of an wide angle lens would be nice. Sigma 20mm f/1.4 Art could be just perfect! Nikon is also really tempting me as the dynamic range of the 6D’s isn’t on the level I would hope them to be. So if Canon won’t step up with their game in the future, I might have to step out to the dark side!


Here are all Images from this articel plus a few more from the awesome work of Iiro Rautiainen!

This articel has been written by Sven Malojlo | Portrait- & Weddingphotographer

SHOW YOUR GEAR - Iiro Rautiainen



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