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Uh, yeah. Let’s be honest. All of us were scraping our respective jaws off the floor after laying eyes on this remarkable image, so it was a no-brainer, reaching out to our friend and colleague, Johannes Hulsch, to learn more about him and this fantastic capture.

So, let’s see what Johannes had to say . . .

You. Go! 

My name is Johannes Hulsch. I’m 20 years old and currently studying at Leipzig Energy Technology. With photography, I really began after graduating high-school, about 2 years ago. I have found my passion in landscape photography, but challenge myself also with street photography or in-the-field portraits. (Those can be seen at my other Instagram account  @jmh_photo_) I shoot with a 5D Mark III and edit almost exclusively with Lightroom.

What inspires you?

I am surprised again and again how different the landscape can be, especially at different seasons. I’m really excited about the variety of colors in autumn and the mood in the morning. There is nothing more beautiful than when the fog winds through the valley, or the sunbeams cut through the fog. I am always surprised by the diversity of colors and textures.

Do you have a vision in mind before going out and shooting? 

Nine times out of ten, I already have an idea in my mind – what I want to photograph – when I leave the house. I go to places that I’ve been scouting earlier and try to implement my idea. Often the weather conditions are not optimal and you have to improvise and make the best of it. In other cases, I simply head out with no fixed destination and discover places where I’ve never been before. I enjoy discovering new places and knowing my surroundings better than before. 

Dude. That Bridge image. Tell us everything . . . 

My buddy (IG @anton_notna) and I decided to go on a weekend trip in autumn to Rakotz Bridge at Kromlau in Saxony. Because we’d seen that motif so often on Instagram, we decided to create our own version of it. This weekend an Insta-Meet was held in Dresden, and the bridge was on the way. We stayed at a hotel nearby and went to the bridge at 6 o’clock in the morning . On arrival, we came upon a group of five photographers from Berlin all wanting to shoot this motif as well. The weather and light that morning was nearly perfect, so we took  a lot of great pictures. After coming home, I imported the image on my Mac and experimented with the VSCO presets I use most often. So, that’s the whole story behind the image. 





Some other perspectives . . .




To enjoy more of Johannes’ work, follow him here:

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