Lake McQueeney

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Rob August is taking us on a little boat ride at this lovely engagement session 

As a wedding photographer in Austin, Texas I’ve been fortunate enough to consistently shoot fun and laid back couples. Sara & Caleb are no different. They invited me to their family’s private residence on Lake McQueeney in Texas where their wedding will be held next year.

We planned to shoot a little, grab some dinner and come back during golden hour for the boat shots. I was ecstatic when Sara told me they wanted to jump in the lake. Sometimes couples need a little guidance but it wasn’t the case here. They were naturally playful in the water and I was able to capture some great moments of them.

  • Gear: Canon 6D + Sigma 35 + Canon 85mm
  • Preset: Kodak Gold 200 (less contrast)
  • Equipment: Originally I was going to mount the camera on a 12 foot light stand and shoot downward for the boat shots. When I arrived I saw I would only have to stand atop the second floor of the dock. 


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